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Chemical Warfare

One of the most important tools when doing nail art or using nail varnish is nail varnish removers. There are lots of different types with many prices. Usually I save up my boots points and buy the £1 bottle, but this week I thought I would use my boots points to try out some acetone-free remover.

Acetone-free remover supposedly has the benefit of being less drying and also that it won’t damage fake nails. My nails are all natural but I am a bit of a product junkie so if something claims to be better then I will try it out. I believe the bottle was £1.24, still a cheap bottle considering that it was on the shelf next to a £7.99 branded bottle.


I had light purple nails with white stamped patterns over the top, something that my normal remover takes off in seconds. I opened this new bottle and there it was…

Keep in mind that I paint my nails a lot and am fairly immune to the various chemical aromas released by these products.

The smell was so strong and bad I had to shut the bottle and remove the cotton balls from my room and open my window even wider. The remover was slightly sticky on the fingers and the residual smell here was not so bad but the eye watering power of the solvent was incredible. I popped to boots the next day and picked up one of my normal bottles.

I think with nail varnish remover you need to find what works for you, no matter what you decide on using remember to wash and moisturize your hands and cuticles afterwards!


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