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Pocket Money Haul!

I know... no nail varnish :(

I know… no nail varnish 😦

Fiver clutched tightly in my hand I charged in to boots to see what I could buy. After the remover drama at the beginning of the week I be-lined for my trusty friend (£1). En route I picked up some new scissors (used for all manner of nail art snipping £2) and also the clean up crew aka cotton buds (£1.05). In a swoop of tools I had spent nearly my entire budget, still, all of these things are essential.

Whilst in Asda, failing to do food shopping, I spotted a bag full of assorted glitter stars for 84p – I wondered if these could work for nail art and considering they were in budget, how could I say no?

DSCF0245 DSCF0247

One coat of Barrym Navy (RRP £2.99) and a little bit of clear polish to pick up the stars later, this is one look I have come up with. The larger stars do not lie flat but I think that this would be a fun look for a night out. Textures are really in fashion at the moment so perhaps the fact that these stars are a little 3D works with this trend, what do you think?

These stars are just so shiny.. I don't think my camera was ready for it!

These stars are just so shiny.. I don’t think my camera was ready for it!

What would you do with a packet of stars? Have you had any crazy ideas for things that you could add to your nail art? Share them in the comments below!


2 comments on “Pocket Money Haul!

  1. Must Have Boxes
    March 19, 2013

    I love the star design you created. Super cute!

    – KW

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