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Retro in Pink

So today we have some Pocket Money nail art! I have included a list of what you’ll need if you would like to recreate this look at the bottom of the post.

Painted with my dominant hand

Painted with my dominant hand

First, I painted my fingers with BarryM Shocking Pink (RRP. £2.99), an opaque polish, with two coats. I always make sure I have something to watch while I am painting my nails, as waiting for things to dry with nothing to do drives me slowly loopy.

Once the base was dry and glossy I added the white stripes down the far side of each nail, approximately 1/4 of the nails width. This does not have to be perfect as the black line will tidy up any wigglyness and a cotton bud can tidy the other edges. If you did want a really straight line you could use tape (more about this method at a later date). This is the white made by Natural Collection, I am near the end of my bottle so the polish is not as good as it once was. It works well for art though and at £1.89 it is a top bargain!

As soon as the white was dry then the hard bit started with a fine brush (I was lucky to receive a set of nail art brushes for Christmas but any fine brush should do) I carefully added the black stripes. As you can see from the close ups these are not perfect but to be honest in real life it honestly doesn’t notice. I did the vertical stripes first and then on my ring fingers I added a horizontal as an accent.



As you can see I did complete this manicure on both hands. I can’t lie, I had to completely re-do my index and ring fingers on my right hand because the first time was just too clumsy. I am by no means ambidextrous and getting my left hand to paint straight lines was a mission, I think the effort paid off even if it did take three times as long to do the second hand. I am learning more and more that with nail art – practice makes perfect! The black here is Rimmel Black Cab (RRP £2.99), this worked well but is not the most opaque black in one coat which shows where it layered over white. I just topped up the lighter patches but ideally you want a one-coater if you don’t have really steady hands!

I like this look because it is quite simple but still makes a statement and I think it would look great with a whole variety of colour combinations. What colour combo would you try?


1 thin paint brush

3 nail colours

Cotton buds



As always remember to use a good base and a fast drying top coat!


One comment on “Retro in Pink

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    March 23, 2013

    Hi, just wanted to tell you, I liked this blog post. It was practical.
    Keep on posting!

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