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One a penny, two a penny



This was probably the least likely inspiration on the list of things I came up with to do with spring and Easter as inspiration for new designs. Mummy Smith was quite skeptical and to be honest after three different attempt, so was I. My striping skills seemed to vanish and the base colour was too dark… I started to get huffy. Do you ever have days where things just refuse to work out as you envisioned?

I have ended up with an abstract take on this baked treat, but what do you think?


I used a base of Barry M Cappucino and added large dots in W7 Roasted Chestnut and smaller dots in Barry M Gold Foil.

So really this is a bit of a design fail but I think I can learn to live with these dots – fingers crossed that my next spring design goes a little more to plan!

DSCF0316[1]If you’re interested in creating this look but don’t have dotting tools then there are a whole host of objects that you can use – mechanical pencils (fine dots), bobby pins (medium dots), round pin board pins (stick these into the rubber on the end of the pencil or something similar to keep control but minimize risk of stabbing oneself!). If you can think of any more then please do share in the comment section below.


4 comments on “One a penny, two a penny

  1. Craftynail
    March 21, 2013

    Yes- i have had days like that. My cutesy easter nails… i had to redo the chickadee like a zillion times. And his face is only composed of two dots and a triangle!!

  2. Mina
    March 24, 2013

    Fail or not I really like it!
    My favourite ones are the golden dots – lovely pattern!

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