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Spring Updated!

Bad news, I managed to chip my gradient BUT I tried to turn this into good news and show you some art that can be added on top of a gradient to update and recover the look.

Since this manicure was a goner, I decided to have a play with my nail stamps and test out some of the designs that I haven’t previously used. I have two collections by Bundle Monster, from Amazon and I am really sorry but I forgot to make notes of the plates I ended up using (do email me if there is a specific design you like and I will check for you).

For those who don’t know, nail stamping is done using etched metal discs to which you apply your nail polish and then, after scraping off the excess, you use a rubber stamper to transfer your design to the nail. It is wonderful, especially if you’re not very confident at free hand, but, it is an art in itself! Stamping sets are definitely an investment (sets available from £9.99) but they are durable, reusable and offer endless art possibilities! I would definitely put them on the pay day shopping list!

I tried using Barry M Silver Foil and Natural Collection White to keep the theme bright, breezy and err.. spring-y.

Left Hand.

Left Hand.


Sorry for the crazy exposure on this picture.  My middle finger didn’t come out as I would have liked but I think the other textures work – the butterflies on my thumb are a particular favorite.

These light patterns didn’t make the impact that I hoped and so I reached for my faithful Konad Special Polish in Black (bought on Amazon for £4.50) and got stamping. I think the end result really brings out the colour in the gradients but maybe this is more of a summer look – I shall leave the verdict to you.


Right Hand

 I think the index and the pinky are the best fingers here – they contrast the pastels without dominating them, although I don’t dislike seeing the gradient peeping out through the cracks. Which design is your favourite? Do you like adding to your nails rather than starting all over again?


I love reading your thoughts and will always do my best to reply, thank you!

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