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I shopped away the Monday blues…

Pocket Money Polishes proudly presents it’s first Pay Day Haul!

DSCF0412Yesterday I went out with a £20 budget to get some fun new polishes for the blog. I ended up going slightly over budget but thanks to Boots 3for2 I did end up effectively getting 2 free polishes. So, what did I get? I have Models Own Toxic Apple (from the new iced neon collection, yes it is currently in my fridge next to the butter) and Dancing Queen (the shards of gold, blue and green look like treasure…I’m in love) RRP £5 each.

From BarryM there’s Indigo RRP £2.99(this is a bright blurple… is it blue? is it purple? I just don’t know) and also Croc Effect Black RRP £3.99; now I know the latter has had mixed reviews but I have wanted to try this out for myself for a long, long time.

I know there are new textured polishes out from all of the brands that I probably should be trying (I did consider 17 Rock Effect in Red) BUT I am just not feeling it. Bad nail blogger? Well… maybe. Do you think I should give them a go, would you like to see them? Comment below and maybe I’ll be persuaded, just for you though!

I’ve had BarryM Top and Base (RRP £2.99) for a while now and we’re just not getting along. I don’t know if it’s just disagreeing with the nail polishes I use or what but, after 2 hours of nothing but reading the kindle, it still was

DSCF0420not dry and Mummy Smith’s manicure was ruined by morning. Not impressed – I will be posting pictures from before the topcoat disaster for you all to see soon. I have previously had quite a few other top coats and I did consider Seche Vite, which seems to be the most popular top coat amongst bloggers, but Boots didn’t have it and it is a little pricey. As we’re all about testing out products in the £5 price bracket I had a hunt around and found this Sally Hansen No Chip for £4.75. I have not tried it yet or come across any reviews so I will let you know if the gamble paid off or if in the next few weeks my hunt for the best topcoat will continue.

So in boots I spent a total of £20.23 but I didn’t just buy nail varnish, I also bought the new mascara from BarryM called Lash Vegas (RRP £6.49). My total saving with the 3for2 for these 2 products was £7.99 (read: 1 Models Own and 1 standard BarryM)

As I was picking up some things in Asda I found myself in the cosmetics aisle, no idea how that happened and as I was browsing the George display I noticed these bottles of tiny beads. I have been watching eBay and various beauty supply websites for a deal on some of these micro beads but have never gotten around to purchasing any. These beads are used to create what Ciate (RRP £18) describe as cavier nails and these really are all about the wow factor. For £2.75 I thought, why the devil not?! The range also comes in black and silver so there are lots of choices, but I liked these as they remind me of 100s and 1000s… yummy.

DSCF0423So in total I spent £22.98 and have 7 brand new cosmetics to try out. Am I forgiven for my overspend? Lots of blogs coming up this week including Mummy Smith’s tape manicure! Are there any nail trends that you’ve seen but haven’t been brave enough to try? Am I mad for keeping nail polish in my fridge? Would love to hear your thoughts either in the comment section below or on our facebook page.


I love reading your thoughts and will always do my best to reply, thank you!

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