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It’s all about the angles, darling!

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As my nails stayed brown all weekend I needed to find a willing victim whose hands I could borrow for some art. Luckily for me there is someone in the house who understands my nail obsession and is very patient while I try things out and get frustrated and can’t decide what colours to use… and so on. I’m an artist!

This is my second attempt at a tape manicure and I do think this is a super effective technique but it does require a little more practice. What have I learnt so far? Whatever you use to mask off an area needs to be sticky, but not too sticky – I am currently using cheap cellotape and using my fingers to remove some of the tackiness. You always want to apply polish away from the seam otherwise you risk pushing polish under the line and this ruins the effect (compare the pinkies and you’ll see what I mean). Ideally you want to remove the tape while the polish is still wet and using a one coat polish will make it A LOT easier, as you’re applying over a base coat you will probably be able to get away with something that is normally a two coater. Oh, almost forgot, make sure your base colour is 100% dry or you’ll end up ripping it up with the tape (leave 1-2 hours from application time). I have been told you can do this with the sticky part of post-it notes but have not tried this yet.

You will need a little bit of patience but basically the possibilities with this technique are endless and you don’t need any super special equipment. There is such a thing as nail art tape and this is perfect for creating really fine lines and designs, I still don’t own any but with a quick google I am sure you can find out where to buy it (amazon, eBay, Born Pretty are probably good bets). I will hopefully be getting some down the line and will have more suggestions for designs when I do.


The polishes I have used for this mani are La Femme in a pearly blue (sorry can’t find a name) and W7 Twilight (RRP £3.50 but found online for £1.95). I have a few problems with the La Femme formula as it doesn’t have the quickest dry time and some of the polishes do need layering up, the formula on this particular one was a little thicker and we did have some bubbling. I am not sure if it was due to my slightly impatient application or the polish, will try some more out and give you some more feedback – I like to think I give everything a fair chance.

Now, Twilight. This polish is BEAUTIFUL! It’s a dark indigo purple base with an intense blue shimmer. The polish takes three regular coats to be opaque on the nail but works well layered over navy blue or black. This was part of my Nail Polish Direct Haul and really is one of my stand out favourites from the order. The sparkle shows in normal light but is really magic in bright light. Sometimes with things like this the bottle can look amazing and the contents just not live up to it, but this is even better on the nail.


By the time I had finished this polish it was getting on for the small hours of the morning, so I apologise that the camera does not entirely show the awesomeness of this colour. I will definitely be using it again, maybe for a galaxy manicure…

We finished this look off with a top coat which definitely enhanced the sparkle and brought the design together (it blends the line between the base and the top polishes which can be a bit ridgey depending on the thickness of the top coat). HOWEVER, by morning the design ended up dented, scratched and textured. We left plenty of drying time for the top coat (around 2 hours) and the worst happened, I am not sure if this was a result of formulas not agreeing or if more time doing nothing with the hands will have made a difference. I did not apply a really thick coat so… no idea. As you know from my haul post I do now have a brand new topcoat so I am hoping we don’t lose any more designs to silly damage.

Still, just an excuse to do something new right?


I love reading your thoughts and will always do my best to reply, thank you!

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