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Build it, paint it blue and they will come…


I put together the following manicure last night before being wildly distracted by the time period challenge. I have been so excited to share the W7 Mosaic swatch with you since it arrived last week. I have cropped down the macro shot of my left middle finger just to show you what the polish looks like on the nail. This is 1.5 coats (I blobbed on a tiny bit to cover a patch where the glitter was sparse. The formula of Mosaic applies like a dream, the tiny gold, blue and dark blue hexagons do not drag and the creamy blue base applies relatively opaque.  Another great thing about this polish is how quickly it dries, the final finish is relatively smooth but I would definitely add topcoat just to smooth it out. 


I paired this polish with Maybelline Color Shot Superpower Blue which matches the dark flecks in the Mosaic. I had some problems getting this polish to photograph colour true – it is slightly darker and teal leaning in real life. I waited till today to post this because I hoped that the natural light pictures would be more accurate but nope, they look pretty much the same. Sorry – I tried…and failed. Color Show polishes are amazingly pigmented and finish with a beautiful glossy shine BUT as with most blues this is a nightmare to clean up and I did have some fairly noticeable skin staining to scrub away (I am not looking forward to removing this polish very much). I think that it is worth the effort though as it is pretty much a one coater and is a really vivid blue. Am I the only person that can be persuaded to buy a polish just because it has a really good name?

To tie everything together I added a few dots to the corners of my thumbs with BarryM Foil Effects Gold. This is a very rich manicure but I actually like the way it all came together and it really is a low skill manicure (even the dots made by my left hand were recognizable as the same on the right and I have the least steady hands in the world under pressure). It’s the middle of the week already, how did that happen?! Do you love Mosaic as much as me? I am so pleased with my W7 order gamble as these polishes have really not let me down so far. I have added my new Sally Hansen No Chip coat over the top and shall report back to you on how this all wears.

DSCF0442 DSCF0447 DSCF0437

Polish Prices: Mosaic £1.95, Color Shot £2.99, BarryM Foil Effects £3.99, Sally Hansen No Chip £4.75


3 comments on “Build it, paint it blue and they will come…

  1. Mina
    April 2, 2013

    love, love, love this one – Mosaic is really beautiful and fits and accent nail perfectly! 🙂 also like your thumb dotticure 😉

  2. fivezero
    April 5, 2013

    Ooh that Maybelline is super nice! Love the mani.

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      April 6, 2013

      It is so nice to work with and is a gorgeous colour – small clean up nightmare but oh well… things we do for nail polish!

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