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Llama’s Time Period Challenge: Ancient Egypt

Ok, so I had already done my manicure for this evening when I noticed that tomorrow is Wednesday and I could take part in this challenge (which I stumbled across whilst reading another blog). So I quickly grabbed some of my nail wand swatches (I have run out of new ones) and set to work trying out a couple of designs that I had in my head.

I  hope I can be forgiven for these not being on my actual nails!


So to create this look I started with a full base of W7 Roasted Chestnut and using a bit of cut up mesh (stolen from a bathroom loofa) stretched over the swatch I dabbed on a mixture of Natural Collection White, BarryM Foil Effects Gold and BarryM Cappucino to create this marble/granite effect. Then using my Konad Special Polish Black and a very fine brush I added my Eye of Horus. This looked almost like old parchment before topcoating and after like smooth old rock. I actually am so happy with how this turned out. Makes a change for me! 


<—This is my attempt at a pyramid in the desert sun. I started with a base of W7 Sheer Blue and drew on my triangle in W7 Sunset Blvd. Then I filled in the desert with BarryM Foil Effects Gold and added a small ambery/red gem from my wheel (bought on amazon). Then with the small brush used on the design above, black carefully wiped off, I added the little sun rays to the corner of the nail. I thought it would be too much to go around the entire gem. I have to admit this didn’t photograph very easily and does look better in real life. It is also super simple and quick design to create. 


My last design was the simplest of the bunch and meant to represent the rich royal blue and golden stripe adornments that all the coolest pharaohs used to wear. It was a nightmare to try and photograph – just so shiney and glittery. This is BarryM Foil Effects Gold (again) over a base of W7 Twilight which really does show off its sparkle in this picture.  All of these were top-coated with Sally Hansen No Chip which is INSANELY glossy.

So, what do you think – which design do you like best? I am loving the artwork already done for these challenges and looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with – check out the InLinkz below for all the links (if I have done it right that is…


4 comments on “Llama’s Time Period Challenge: Ancient Egypt

  1. Tracy
    March 27, 2013

    Love the eye design the base looks great!

  2. Cazzy Durcan
    March 27, 2013

    Your Eye of Horus is gorgeous!

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