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Sneaky Supervision Snake

Today I have to go to University for a meeting with my thesis supervisors – I’ve been working on my methodology chapter for months now and it just isn’t working out, fingers crossed for a revelation soon. Since bright blue isn’t quite appropriate for this meeting I went with BarryM Cappucino (£2.99) as a nice neutral brown/grey/mushroom base. I couldn’t just leave it as a simple colour though, I had so sneak some sort of design onto my fingers. 

Using one of my stamping plates (BM-215) I added a full nail pattern made out of diamonds that reminded me of snake skin and used the orangey copper of W7 Sunset Blvd (£1.95) to add the scales to my nails. In really life the colour contrast is not as noticeable the copper just catches the light occasionally so this manicure is still subtle enough for my office professional look. These nails aren’t quite as perfect as they should be but after the blue fiasco I needed to do something quick.

I think that I am slowly reaching the conclusion that I just love W7 nail  polishes as all of the ones that I have used from my order so far have been outstanding. Sunset Blvd on it’s own is probably a 2-3 coater as it is a little bit more sheer than Roasted Chestnut. I have a small top coat update – the blue manicure did actually chip very minorly on my thumb, I am wondering if I just didn’t wrap the nail effectively so I am using Sally Hansen No Chip again on these nails.

What do you think, are these nails office friendly or am I being a little bit naughty?

DSCF0501 DSCF0506 DSCF0507 DSCF0516


2 comments on “Sneaky Supervision Snake

  1. Amara
    March 28, 2013

    I love the contrast between matte and metallic! Although to me they do look even naughtier than plain blue nails 😉
    Anyway, I don’t think a little colour on your nails is really such a big deal in an office!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      March 28, 2013

      Thanks Amara! I actually really enjoyed wearing these nails and I didn’t feel like they were too over the top (I wore creamy colours today so it all kind of matched up).

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