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Llama’s Time Period Challenge: Ancient Mayans

The girls have all been back for their Easter holidays from work meaning that I have spent the last two days shopping and eating a lot of junk food (HEAVEN) but this has meant that I have gotten a little bit behind with the blog – I hope you’ll forgive me.  I spent all week thinking that the theme for this week was Ancient Greece so when I spotted it was actually Ancient Mayan I was semi-relieved as I had been struggling for ideas.

I know NOTHING really about the Ancient Mayans except that their calendar ended and this made people believe the world was meant to end but hooray we’re still here. Then I remembered that they were famous for chilli and chocolate… I also thought gold but I may be mixing them up with Aztecs on that one.


I’ve been wearing Barrym Cappucino the last couple of days as it’s nice and neutral so goes with most things in my wardrobe and I decided it would make a great base for this manicure. Do you ever re-use your manis or do you love starting fresh?
I used the cling film technique (which is new for me) to add Barrym Gold Foil to my nails which makes me think of old golden paintings and pots where the gold leaf is slowly wearing off.
Then I decided to add a dotty accent on my ring finger (here comes the chilli and chocolate inspiration. I follow a lot of nail blogs but two of my favourites at the moment are: Nuthin’ but a Nail Thing and Cubbiful – both Claire and Mina do beautiful dotticures (amongst other things) so check them out to see masters at work. I used W7 Sunset Blvd (to represent chilli), Roast Chestnut (to represent chocolate) and BarryM Gold Foil to make these circle patterns and a couple of different sized dotting tools. I really like how this turned out and wished I’d done it on my thumb too.


Sorry, the foil is apparently just too shiny to capture with my camera today. It’s a bit more mellow in real life, honest.
What do  you think? Check out all the other designs for this challenge using the links below – I love love love the jaguar print   by Ashley at Spellbound Nails.


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