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S&S 30 Day Challenge: Blue

I promise our green nails are on the way but here are today’s blue nails! There are lots of AMAZING blue manis around at the moment as this month is Autism Awareness Month – please to take some time to google and find out about the art and autism . I lined up all of my blue polishes and stared at them hoping that something interesting would strike me – I thought about gradients, more dotty art, I had some brand new striping tape staring at me but it had all been done recently and better by many many bloggers.


My search of ‘things that are blue’ was a bit of a bust and it took some time to decide what to do but a flash of denim-speration hit me: JEANS. I cannot imagine a life without jeans, even if I am loving dresses and skirts at the moment in the hope that the sun will shine. I already had the perfect base colour in BarryM Denim –  which is a great blue polish with silver shimmer that dries to a gorgeous matte finish. It is on the thick side but is a perfect one-coater and actually the first ever BarryM polish in my collection (which was not so much of a collection as two nail varnishes back then). 

close up

I ended up doing the stitching using one of the teeny weeny dotters, as my fine brush and shakey hands were just not making the cut today. I added “stitching” in BarryM Foil Effect Gold creating two parallel dashed lines in varying directions. Then on my thumb I dotted a “stud” and added a little orange gem for that 3D effect. I couldn’t top coat the design as it would ruin the matte denim effect but hopefully the gem will stay put.

If I am honest I was really not feeling doing a blue mani today but I am really happy that I took the time and thought of one. I will be doing a couple of posts over the weekend for a change to make up for my absence this week. Plus I am really enjoying coming up with crazy ideas for this challenge. Which day has been your favourite so far? (Anyone else scared of what may pop up when I google image ‘things that are pink’??)

angle 1 angle 2

For all the details about this challenge please check out  Short And Sweet’s challenge. I have included a link to the inlinkz below so you can see what everyone else has been up to:  Inlinkz.

2 comments on “S&S 30 Day Challenge: Blue

  1. workplaypolish
    April 5, 2013

    These are really cool! They turned out great!

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