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S&S 30 Day Challenge: ZigZag

I HATE ZIGZAGS. I have literally spent all night trying things and coming up with clever ideas that have just not worked. In the end I just grabbed two polishes that I love and got going. I am wearing this manicure on both hands and am quite happy to report it takes minutes to put together (although dry time does make this mani around 30 mins before you can actually use your hands for very much).



For  this look I used 2 coats of W7 Sunset Blvd which is a gorgeous burnt orangy red metallic shimmery bottle of goodness. Once that was try I took a long thing striping brush (you could probably achieve the same look quite easily with a normal paint brush and a steady hard) and painted on my lines in the ever glitzy BarryM Pink Silver Glitter. Then I waited impatiently for this beauty to dry and snapped these pictures before finally top-coating.

Why did I take pictures before top-coating? Basically I didn’t want to risk the glitter not being completely dry and smearing the look. PSG is an amazing polish that is nearly opaque in one coat and sparkles and fizzes (I could not catch it’s sheer awesomeness) but I did apply the lines fairly thick so they were slighlty 3D meaning a much longer drying time to be smear proof.

I did my zigzags off centre and, if you haven’t noticed, I am just loving my corner stripes at the moment. The way this mani catches the light reminds me of the glitzy ballroom gowns or pagaent dresses – I really wish I was more competent with a camera.

This week has a lot of complicated manicures lined up (I am so not ready) so I am enjoying the bliss of a two-colour mani with minimal fuss to make and maximum dazzle. This is definitely a bold look that would be great for a night on the town or to a dramatic event.

DSCF0687 DSCF0688 DSCF0690

There is a lack of watermarks as my sister is fast asleep and she is the one with the photoshop magic touch. If for any reason you do use any of the pictures from this blog just drop me an email and let me know 🙂

I feel like I am doing a lot of different styles of mani at the moment, which is the great thing about this challenge. Which of these manis are you most likely to wear? Would you be brave enough to wear the yellow hazard signs? Or do you like the pretty in pink dior combo?

I am off to sleep now – I have a busy Monday lined up so wish me luck!

P.S. very briefly tested out Ciate Sand Dune (my Marie Claire freebie) – it is beautiful! I promise I will be using it soon to show you all….I feel so bad because I’ve shunned the brand as ‘too expensive’ but it’s so pretty. Must.Stay.Strong. ANYWAY, Nail Polish Direct Delivery should be here in the next couple of days so lots of distractions on the way. I feel like I should be investing in a rehab for polish addicts…

For all the details about this challenge please check out  Short And Sweet’s challenge. Please check out all the other wonderful creations for this challenge with the following link: Inlinkz.

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