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Everybody’s surfing and dreaming of summer sun…

I have never been surfing, I definitely lack the balance and the physicality required… plus I prefer swimming in pools than seas but there is nothing like a wander down the beach. When I moved away to Uni that was one of the things I missed about Bournemouth (the town that I have returned to) – our amazing sandy stretches and the salty sea air. After a friend kindly posted my nail art in his surf club, I decided to use surfing as inspiration to create some nail art and this is what I have come up with (sorry the clean up isn’t perfect – I tried!).


This design took a lot of different polishes. I started with a base of W7 Sheer Blue and for the waves finally got around to using W7 Space Dust which I haven’t liked as a polish on its own but I thought was perfect for sparkling sea waves. The other stripes are made up of BarryM Cyan Blue and a custom mix of W7 Sheer Blue and Natural Collection White to get the lightest stripe. I do think that mixing is a great way to achieve colours you need without having to buy lots and lots of polish – I use a thin sheet of glass from a clipframe as I can wipe it clean when I am done and it’s a nice solid surface.

The surfer was painted with a fine dotting tool (a tooth pick would achieve the same ease of application and fine-ness) in W7 Black  which was a surprisingly thick polish – I am looking forward to trying this out for stamping actually. Remind me to let you know how this goes. I used a little bit of Natural Collection White to add the surf board and the frothy foam of the breaking wave. What I hadn’t considered before, but I think is quite cool, is depending on which way you look at my thumb the surfer looks like he is upside down in the wave tunnel.

DSCF0804The surf board is Natural Collection White, W7 Black and a mix of the two for a grey stripe. The sand is made up of W7 Sheer Peach, Roast Chestnut and BarryM Foil Effects Gold. This design probably took about an hour in total but only because I was waiting for layers to dry and took my time figuring out how to draw a surfboard.

I have had to fiddle with the brightness settings today to show the details of the design as my camera seemed to be bleaching the blue and the white so they looked the same. I will hopefully be investing in a light tent/box soon to try and improve my pictures.   I am pretty pleased with how this turned out as fine nail art is really not my forte. I was also glad to finally figure out how I wanted to use Space Dust. Hope you’re having a good friday! 

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2 comments on “Everybody’s surfing and dreaming of summer sun…

  1. Chris
    April 12, 2013

    Great job! I like the little surfer 🙂

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