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S&S 30 Day Challenge: Water Marbling

Here is a technique that I have always sworn I will never attempt, I think it’s wasteful and I don’t really have the patience to sit and try to make it work. Luckily my sister really wanted to give it a go, so technically I only helped and supplied the polish. If I am honest I must confess that it turned out better than I expected and these pictures are all first attempts. I still don’t think it is likely I will ever do this again but I suppose it was good to tick off the list.

To honour this historic occasion we took a lot of photos to document it so enjoy!

DSCF0818 DSCF0817


To create this look I used a combination of La Femme pearly polishes which spread fairly perfectly, I also used W7 Black for a little bit of contrast. Tamsin chose Rimmel Pro Peppermint for her base. As you can see we had mixed results  but we decided rather than keep restarting we would work with the designs we had created. The un-marbled fingers got two coats of a really nice metallic silver with shimmer (also La Femme… I can’t find names so not very helpful, sorry).

DSCF0821 DSCF0824 DSCF0826 DSCF0829

To the little finger I added a small row of aqua gem stones – this nail didn’t get a lot of marbling so there was a lot of Rimmel showing and it looked a little strange. There was a bit of a donk in the middle finger so we covered with a black pearl bead and a clear gem. Finally for the thumb I follow the pink and black stripes with a string of small caviar beads. This design is certainly different and it was fun playing with the additions, especially figuring out how to work with the caviar beads in this way, I wasn’t sure how well I could control their placement but it turns out very easily (which gives me ideas!) . I actually only really like the silver polish and think I will be using it more.

For all the details about this challenge please check out  Short And Sweet’s challenge. Please check out all the other wonderful creations by clicking the following link: Inlinkz.


2 comments on “S&S 30 Day Challenge: Water Marbling

  1. Elise G
    April 15, 2013

    That ended up looking really nice! I’m still too scared to try it; wish there was a nail salon near me who did real nail art…not just some boring toothpick dots and an airbrush line or two.

  2. Mina
    April 15, 2013

    Rimmel Peppermint is so one of my favourite mint shades! lovely! 🙂
    And my favourite digit ought to be the pinky – it’s where you see this polish more – haha
    I’m a fan of watermarble – mind you, I said fan – I just wish I could make it work the way I see it in tutorials! haha
    I keep at it, though, never surrender 😉 It’s hard to find the right polishes right away and really (REALLY) hard to make all nails look alike but… give it a try, you never know :))

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