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Llama’s Time Period Challenge: Ancient Rome


I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this week (makes a change).I don’t know huge amounts about Ancient Rome but I was familiar with the phrase ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’ which was supposedly said by Julius Caeser and means ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. I quite like the strength behind this statement and think it’s a good mantra for dealing with challenges – I plan on using it as motivation for tidying my room and sorting out a hefty pile of clothing that had amassed in the middle of my bedroom floor.

The other thing I knew about Rome is about the myth that Romulus and Remus (the two brothers that built the city) were allegedly raised by wolves. Wolves hunt as a pack, stronger as a team and loyal so I thought that wolfie silhouettes would work nicely with VVV. 


167editNow my free hand skills are not great so whilst I could manage to paint on the words (just about) I knew I was not going to be able to do tiny little wolves. So I had a quick google and found these images which I thought would be perfect. I printed them off in a couple of different sizes on a piece of A4 and grabbed my mini bottle of vodka from the fridge. The vodka was not to steady my hand but to transfer the ink from the printed sheets onto my nails – there are a multitude of tutorials on how to do this on youtube (including one that reports water works… no, it just doesn’t). After a bit of consideration and size comparison, I trimmed down the two images I wanted to use – a walking wolf and a sitting wolf – so many too choose from. I lay the image face down onto the nail and then held a cotton pad that I had dunked in vodka against the back. I pushed down fairly firmly for a minute and then carefully removed. I ended up with a bit of paper still stuck over the design so carefully used a cotton bud dipped in the spirit and rubbed in gentle circles to remove this unwanted white. There was still a bit of texture to the design but this was fairly easily hidden with a shiney top coat. This was my first attempt at doing a transfer with printed page and I was really impressed with the clarity and ease!  I have a feeling I will definitely be using this technique again soon – who needs to buy expensive decals?! Not me! 

The words are painted in W7 Black and Natural Collection White; the base is W7 Pillar Box Red. Pillar Box Red is a little sheer and I only used two coat for this design – I possibly should have used three as in bright lights there is VNL. There is something distinctly modern feeling about this colour combination but I just wanted to continue channeling the sense of power that seemed to be the theme for this design. Please leave any questions you have about the technique used in the comments section – I will do my best to explain things a little bit better. This is the same technique used to transfer newspaper print onto nails. So, what do you think of my Ancient Rome design? I wish I had done all of the writing in white now but still like this mani overall. I had a few issues with lighting today when taking pictures, hopefully I will get a proper lamp soon to replace my precariously balanced bed side one!

  159edit Wolf Nails

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