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24: Jack Bauer Inspired Nail Art

This weekend it will be my Dad’s birthday and I decided to do a test run on some nail art I had in mind – who says nails can’t be boy appropriate?! Dad was late in discovering 24 so he watched every single episode back to back over the space of a couple of weeks, there were a few nights where I woke up to explosions and the ever present sound of ‘beep…beep…beep’. We bought him the complete boxset for Christmas and thankfully he hasn’t yet felt the need to rewatch them all but I feel like the day is coming. I must confess I didn’t sit down and watch many of the episodes but the few I did catch gave me certain impressions about the show and I was excited because those impressions meant I could try out a new technique.


BLOOD SPLATTER! We watch a lot of crime television shows in this house hold and I must say this definitely looks more like a slasher splatter pattern than a gunshot or explosion but never mind. To create this effect I painted a base of Natural Collection White and waited for this to dry. I blobbed some Rimmel Double Decker Red onto my glass sheet, I only have a little of this polish left in the bottle and it has really thickened up but that’s fine for this. I dipped one end of a straw into the blob of polish and swirled it around a little and then holding it about 10cm above my nail, I took aim and fired. A short sharp blow down the straw and this was the result. WARNING: the polish will go everywhere so make sure you’ve protected the area in an appropriate manner!


After the success of my wolf transfers for Llama’s Time Period Challenege: Ancient Rome, I have been really excited about getting some more decals printed for use. This manicure seemed like a great opportunity to see how more complicated designs would work and how easily I could turn images into useful silhouettes. I took a classic image of Jack Bauer from a quick google (I do not own this image) and using photoshop removed the colour and horizontally flipped the image. Top tip: If there is writing in the image then it needs to be flipped or the number will appear backwards, like when you view numbers and letters in a mirror.

24tvnails1I printed out a couple of different sized Bauers and after choosing the right size for my nail used a little bit of vodka on some cotton wool to transfer the image. The alcohol will effectively matte your polish but does not damage it. As with last time I still had some paper but this was easily removed with some gentle rubbing using a cotton bud. I am fairly impressed with how well this image worked although Jack’s head is floating a bit too much about his shoulders. My placement could have been slightly better but now I know for next time. This technique is great because it takes so little time and not very much skill to transfer quite complex images onto your nails and it seems to work over lots of different times of polish. I am yet to test out how a coloured image will transfer. I am considering putting together a decal sheet that could be downloaded from the facebook page – what do you think? Would you like Pocket Money Polish decals ready for you to print?


To tie together these two dramatic accent nails I decided to keep the rest simple – two more green nails and a matte red pinky. The green polish used here is Seventeen Quicker Slicker Colour in Potion
this is a yellowy grass green with insane amounts of shimmer – it applies fairly sheer so will need 3 coats for opacity (I used only two in these pictures). There is a slight golden duochrome quality to this in certain lights too. As you can see this polish does show some brush strokes but I like the colour enough that this doesn’t bother me. I do have one major complaint about this polish: the brush SUCKS. It is bulky and the bristles seem to stick every which way. I worked with it but it was annoying and possibly explains the brush stroke issues.I topped with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails which I think, technically, is meant to be a base coat but I find makes a great thin top coat.

My pinky is Rimmel Double Decker Red (one thick coat) top coated with 1 coat of H&M Matte Topcoat which kind of makes it look like frosted deep glass to me. In total this look took only half an hour to put together and dry, the blood splatter takes the longest due to the thickness of the polish on your nail so should be done first (plus with red flying everywhere you don’t want it wrecking your other nails.


There you have it! What do you think? I may tweak the transfer image a little and maybe add ’24’ to my pinky but over all I am pleased with how this manicure came together with its varying colours and textures. Dad came home earlier than expected so caught sight of my manicure, he was impressed though so that’s the main thing.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

9 comments on “24: Jack Bauer Inspired Nail Art

  1. They look really awesome! I love that grimy green colour too =)
    I need to get me some matte top coat!!

  2. They are ace Charlie xxx

  3. Megan Box
    April 22, 2013

    Wow really good idea to print out the image and then to transfer it onto your nail. Well done!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      April 22, 2013

      Thank you! 🙂 I suppose it is a bit of a cheat but hey, it got the look finished!

  4. Mina
    April 23, 2013

    The splatter nail does look fantastic! My absolute favourite! 😀

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