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China Glaze: On The Shore


Special bonus post for you today featuring these two beauties from the new China Glaze On The Shore Sensational Summer Neon Collection. This collection is made up of 12 polishes: 6 creams and 6 jellies.

On the left: Too Yacht To Handle (a summer seas turquoise cream).

On the right: Isle See You Later (a sea deep blue jelly).

I had two very different application experiences with these polishes.

Too Yacht To Handle Swatch

Too Yacht To Handle is a very pretty cream but it is an utter nightmare to apply – it’s very streaky and you definitely need at least two coats. A topcoat would probably even out the finish but I found the very thin brush wasn’t very helpful. I do really like this colour however and it will look great with a tan. This picture is two coats without a top coat and it did have a slightly longer than normal dry time and I am wondering if waiting longer between coats would have improved the application (I normally wait about 5 minutes and I know some bloggers wait up to 15 but I was too excited). Definitely a summer shade!


Isle See You Later was a very different story – this jelly applies like a dream and finishes beautifully glossy. You do need to build it up – no one can accuse it of being a very opaque jelly but it is just squishy glossy goodness. I thought I would show you how the colour built up from my index to my pinky showing 1-4 coats. My thumb shows one thickish coat of the colour over a white base. I have not had a huge amount of experience with jellies but I am 100% a convert and I am so excited to use this for all sorts of different things.

Too Yacht To Handle Swatch

Too Yacht To Handle Swatch

Isle See You Later Swatch

I am definitely not a swatcher but I was desperate to share these as I know they’re new and I always look for blogger opinions before buying things usually. Overall I am excited about the other jellies but a bit put off from buying anymore of the creams.


Which colours are you looking forward to in this collection? If you’re in the UK click HERE to find out where I bought mine (excellent service and free delivery).

7 comments on “China Glaze: On The Shore

  1. Caitlin
    April 24, 2013

    I’m so excited about this collection! I’m not a big fan of the see-through quality of the jelly but it might be good for me if a sparkle were on top? Thanks for sharing!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      April 24, 2013

      The see-through one will be great for jelly sandwiches (with sparkles in between layers) or with sparkles on top. It might not look THAT special as I have only really shown how it builds up in these pictures but I will try and post some art with it soon! 😀

  2. Mina
    April 25, 2013

    I have a very love hate relationship with jellies – like what you did with one over white, though 😉

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