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A Shirley Temple for Minnie Mouse


When deciding what to do on my nails there is usually a long period of staring at my collection, picking up bottles and putting them back. Occasionally I will paint my nails, hate it and rinse and repeat this process. As I was going through the motions I decided I wanted to use a nail varnish that I either hadn’t tried or had neglected to give a proper try to and this was how I decided to use W7 Shirley Temple which I bought a month ago from Nail Polish Direct. Having used Strawberry Daiquiri which is from the same cocktail inspired collection I know that these super shiney polishes can take a few layers to become opaque so since I am on a limited amount of polish time this week I started with a coat of W7 Pillar Box Red. In direct comparison with the red Shirley Temple comes up slightly pink but they went together perfectly on my nail and the slight colour contrast just added a bit more…flavour(?) to the manicure. Both of these polishes apply wonderfully and dry quickly, Pillar Box Red was slightly thinner than some of the polishes I have been using lately but is very pigmented and with a careful application this really was not an issue.

shirleytemple3As you can see my nails are starting to grow back – YAY! Obviously not content with all of my fingers being a simple sparkly colour I decided to spice things up. I have been trying to decide whether or not to invest in the OPI Minnie Mouse Minis and looking down at my nails suddenly realised that I really didn’t have to, I already had similar colours I could work with. Sometimes the collector in me forgets that it is not about how many polishes you own but what you do with them. With this inspiration in mind I set about adding the signature polka dots to my fingers. I used an old bundle monster stamping plate and the ever faithful if slowly dying out Natural Collection White to quickly add neat all over mini dots. After this step I got a bit stuck with what to do on my accent nails. In a way I liked the ‘plain’ as the sparkle could really stand out but at the same time, when do nail artists ever leave anything plain?

I attempted to add little mouse heads (the three black dot kind) to my finger using a dotting tool and I just could not get the distribution right and it ended up looking ridiculous – I removed it almost immediately, sorry for the lack of pictures of my failure. I repainted my ring finger and decided not to mess around anymore. I had a brainwave as I was writing up this post – I should have transferred images using my vodka technique! Sadly it’s too late to add them now as I actually did this manicure on Saturday and it’s now long gone 😦 Next time!!

I really do love my W7 polishes – I only have one that I am not super keen on, the rest have really been as good if not better than I have expected. Considering I am ordering based purely on one bottle shot on the website, it is a bit of a gamble! Have you ever had a polish really surprise you? Or do you have a polish that really disappointed you? Tell me about it in the comments below!

shirelytemple1 shirelytemple

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4 comments on “A Shirley Temple for Minnie Mouse

  1. Mina
    May 6, 2013

    Lovely! Red and polka dots! I’m sold! 😀
    Beautiful combo and your dots are perfect!**

  2. Kitsu
    May 6, 2013

    So cute! I love the red color too.

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