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Ask A Blogger: Oldest Polish

Sorry for the delay in posting today but I had a very late night working on some upcoming projects, I promise there are some very exciting things in the works. One of them will be revealed on Friday so make sure you pop back.

blue1This week in the British Nail Bloggers group the question was posed: What is your oldest polish? As I only started my collection just over a year ago none of my polishes are particularly old. I do remember after getting my stamping set going out to specifically buy some polishes – BarryM Foil Effects Gold and Silver but since I use these a lot on this blog, I thought I would take this chance to show a polish that I bought the same day – BarryM Cyan Blue. I love the colour blue and when I saw this bright sky blue, I knew it was a polish that I wanted in my collection (for £2.99 it seemed like a real bargain). I actually still have 1/3 of this bottle left a year and a half later so in answer to peoples questions about how long polishes last – a long time!


I have since added many blues to my collection but this is still a firm favourite, especially when the sun is shining. Mum had a meeting this week and we decided to combine it with W7 Twilight a navy blue polish with beautiful blue and purple duochromy shimmers. I used BarryM Top, Base and Strength coat as my base which dries quickly and smoothly and then added two coats of Cyan Blue, leaving an hour for this all to dry.

Each nail got four slivers of tape and then a healthy coat of Twilight was applied over the top before quickly removing the tape. I used tweezers to grab the tape ends as this was a fairly delicate procedure and it definitely made things easier but I did have the benefit of being able to use my dominant hand for all the tape; I am not sure how well I could wield the tweezers with my left hand. Once Twilight was given time to dry everything was topcoated for extra protection against the commute to the meeting.


  I thought I would include this early picture of my stamping nail art using Cyan Blue taken using my all blackberry camera.  I actually really liked this design and havent thought about doing a stamping skittle in a long time – the stamping polish seen here is good old BarryM Foil Effects Silver.


2 comments on “Ask A Blogger: Oldest Polish

  1. Mina
    May 16, 2013

    Love the stamping skittlete! So, yes, please do another one 😉
    And the tape mani came out just perfect! :))

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