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Pocket Money Polishes and Sally Magpie’s Presents: The Tenner Challenge (Part 1)

What would you spend £10 pocket money on? This was the question I asked some of the lovely Brit Bloggers and to say I caused a minor wave of panic amongst the polish fiends is probably an understatement. The idea of sticking to a budget is just to tricky with so many pretties out there, it’s hard to decide what really is worth spending those precious pennies on. After some thought there were some great answers that I would like to share with you, I have split these answers into two posts (the second part coming up tomorrow, including my answer).

Claire from Nuthin’ But A Nail Thing

So; a £10 challenge!  This is what I’d recommend people to spend a tenner on:

Superdrug Moisture Cuticle Oil – £2.99 This stuff is REALLY good.  I apply it to my cuticles and rub into my nails once I’ve taken my polish off and when I’ve finished a manicure.  There’s nothing that ruins a manicure more than tatty scruffy cuticles, and in particular during the winter, the weather can be pretty mean to them, so this is a great, cheap product that keeps your cuticles moisturised and looking nice.  This oil is like a pen with a brush on the end, so you just squeeze it gently and “paint” it onto your cuticles.

W7 Polish – £1.95 There are loads of much cheaper brands available on the market now that are doing great effects / dupes of the more high end brands. One of my favourites is W7.  You can buy their polish from Nail Polish Direct for £1.95 a bottle (free shipping) : BARGAIN.  One of my favourites of their polishes is their recent Suede Collection, these dry to a lovely matte finish, but also look pretty and sparkly when you add a shiny top coat.  If pressed to pick a colour, I’d plump for Aqua Suede.

Nail Art Accessories – Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty Store do a freaking HUGE selection of nail art goodies, and although based in Hong Kong, shipping is quick and free.  Plus, all their stuff is a super bargain.

Studs – $4.89 (approx. £3.20) These  studs come in a wheel with loads of different shapes in gold and silver, so you’ve got all bases covered and it’s dead quick and easy to jazz up a plan manicure by just whacking some studs onto your nails and then applying a top coat.

Striping Tape – $1.90 (approx. £1.22) Everyone needs striping tape in their lives.  It’s great for adding some neat lines to your manicure, by applying the striping tape, painting a colour over the top and then quickly ripping off the tape (which will then show the colour underneath).  You can also just use the striping tape as it is to jazz up a manicure, and then seal onto your nails with top coat.

Rhinestones – $0.99 (approx. £0.64) And obviously, it’s always great to add a bit of bling!  For about sixty English pence, you can pick up a wee bag of 100 diamantes in the colour of your choice.  Again these are great for adding a bit of sparkle to a plain manicure, put them on your nails, seal in with top coat, and you are good to go!

So, hopefully these choices show that you can get some pretty good things with your ten pound note.  Bit of nail care, bit of polish, and really, a decent supply of nail art accessories to keep you going.  If only I could stick to this kind of budget myself! Total Spent = £10

I happen to know that there is a 10% discount code for Born Pretty Store available on Claire’s blog, so if you want to save some money it’s worth keeping an eye out for these codes and also, if you follow Nail Polish Direct on facebook they frequently advertise special offers! 

Jelly Stampwich with My Pointe Exactly

Cazzy from Special Girl Nails

I do spend a lot of money on nail polish, sometimes a little too much, but I also try to be thrifty. I shop online a lot – you can get a bargain if you have the patience. So even if I spend a lot, I always get a lot for my money! In that spirit,  I think my pocket money would probably be spent on a couple of OPIs from Fragrance Direct. At £3.99 each I can afford two! And I don’t have to choose quality or quantity, which is always a dilemma for me. Do I want nice polish, or lots of polish? How about lots of nice polish! My personal picks would be any from the New York City Ballet collection – I love those neutral jellies! Especially My Pointe Exactly.

I love the idea of sandwiching a stamp! Is it bad that after reading this answer I immediately tried to work out if I could justify another Fragrance Direct order?

Lou from SheWhoDoesNails

Spending just £10 on nail polishes is so hard! There are so many things on my list to get right now I don’t know what I would get first!  I am a massive fan of the Barry M Gellys which come in at £3.99 each, so I could have two of those and would have £2 to spare – probably on pure acetone, I go through copious amounts of that stuff!

A better idea at the moment though, might be to stock up on the now discontinued Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish series! These are so amazing for stamping and you can get them on ebay for about £2 each now. I have about 8 or 9 of them already, all dark colours, so I’d like to add some lighter and brighter stamping colours! At the moment I’ve got my eye on Jade Jump, Raspberry Race, Pesto Pink, Brisk Blue and Rapid Red, which would nicely use up my £10!

I have spent hours browsing on ebay for goodies, I recommend going knowing what you want and how much you want to pay for it otherwise you might fall victim to the competitive energy of bidding! It is rather exciting…. somehow I never win anything though, bloomin’ snipers! 

So there you go! Make sure you check out all of these wonderful blogs and come back tomorrow for Part 2 – there is an exciting twist that is well worth it!


7 comments on “Pocket Money Polishes and Sally Magpie’s Presents: The Tenner Challenge (Part 1)

  1. Bathelen
    May 16, 2013

    Love this – can’t wait until tomorrow’s post! Also I’m thinking maybe I need some Sally Hansen polishes in my life! Although I’ve heard some bad things about the W7 suedes, has anyone else heard that?

  2. Mina
    May 16, 2013

    Oh yes, I’ve enjoyed reading through this one! So many options! hahah
    And I have to agree with Claire, why can’t I make it through the month with that budget? 😉

  3. Good to know the Sally Hansens work well for stamping I’ll try it out, there are a bunch on clearance around here that are bundled with a clear coat.

  4. Megan Box
    May 16, 2013

    I have seen W7 brand also sold in Bargain Madness and Boyes for £1.49. Aaaand have seen lots of 10% off Born Pretty Store codes around blogs (including mine) lol 😉

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