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Two untrieds over chocolates


I had a super busy weekend but I didn’t want to let you all down and have nothing for you to look at this morning so over some Cadburys Quality Street I put together this manicure using two new polishes.

This is No. 7 Vivid Purple which cost me £3 thanks to one of those vouchers that Boots dishes out. Technically Mummy Smith bought this one as the voucher was due to run out and I am not meant to be buying new polish at the moment. This also explains why it is purple! The second polish is Color Club Backstage Pass from the collection bought in TK MAXX containing all six glitters from the Back Stage Pass Collection and a top coat for £7.99. I did a little google and the Color Club US website is currently retailing this set for $48 so definitely a great bargain!!


This picture shows four thin and quick coats of Vivid Purple and it needs at least three as it applies quite sheer and the colour very flat in the early stages. It does build up into a deep purple with a vibrant shimmer and glossy finish and as I mentioned, these coats are quick to dry and do not show brush strokes or drags.

Backstage Pass is a mixture of large silver, pale purple and fuchsia hexes which do have a mild curling problem but this doesn’t bother me massively although it does mean you will not achieve a perfectly smooth finish even with topcoat. This is two coats of the glitter although the second one was more me dabbing polish in the few caps on my nails. I didn’t have any distribution issues but it did take a little bit of brush work to spread the glitters and base – nothing major though.

backstagepass3My camera honestly didn’t know what to focus on and the shine from the glossy purple and the foil hexes caused it to go a little do-lally but I hope this gives you an idea of just how vivid and eye catching this manicure is. I topped off the manicure with the Color Club Top Coat and found this was an easy top coat to work with and dulled the sharper raised edges of the glitter – it also dried quickly and smoothly. There are a few tiny bubbles on my ring finger but I think this is due to me applying a little too thick in an attempt to see how smooth a finish I could achieve on such large 3D glitters. The nail feels a little bumpy as I run my finger over it but I cannot feel the edges of the glitters and it is not an unpleasant texture. I actually think the slight curl adds to this polish – it makes it look a little bit different and ensure the hexes catch the light in different ways.


Now I was going to take a picture with the purple quality street but ermm we ate them all. I am looking forward to using this glitter over some bright summery colours in the future and I am sure we’ll be using Vivid Purple again too. I am not sure that I am very happy with the amount of coats it took to achieve the colour pay off with the No. 7 but I am not sure if it’s this just this colour or something in the formula. In terms of the overall finish and ease of the application I am not complaining too loudly but as it retails normally for £6, it will not be my go to brand! I should mention actually, the brush for Vivid Purple was a nice medium size that applied the polish where I needed it to go and very evenly, I prefer wide brushes over thin ones (despite having relatively small nails) but thought this one was a great compromise. What sort of brush do you like? What do you think about curly glitter? Make me happy and leave me a comment! 😀

Later today I will be adding The Tenner Challenge page to the blog featuring all of the great answers I am getting to the question posed on Friday! For your chance to win a £10 Sally Magpie’s voucher and offer your advice please check out the post HERE for all the details! Happy Monday!

P.S. I am happy to report my special polishes manicure lasted most of the weekend but the BarryM did start to chip during some furniture rearranging. Still, 3ish days isn’t too bad for me! The Daring Digits polish was still perfect when I had to remove it for this post. Do you mind me posting about indie brands or would you rather I stuck to the UK highstreet? You can find Daring Digits and other indie brands for sale HERE – I have not used this website personally but it is recommended on the DD Polish facebook page as an international retailer.


6 comments on “Two untrieds over chocolates

  1. Polish Alcoholic
    May 20, 2013

    What a gorgeous purple! Love the glitter accent too 🙂

  2. Mina
    May 20, 2013

    Well… as much as I love glitter, curly one is just not my type.
    On the other hand, though, that Vivid Purple is gorgeous! 😀

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      May 20, 2013

      I am liking it for a purple! I think next time I will probably apply less glitter as my fingers are little disco balls today 😀

  3. Raux
    May 21, 2013

    That Color Club is incredible! It looks like gems on your nails!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      May 21, 2013

      It is one of those glitters that looks better in real life, I found it hard to photograph!

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