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The Indie Interview with Spellbound Nails

I hope you’re thinking of me up to my eyeballs in paper work and stressing over the fact my thesis wordcount is going down instead of up #wahwahwah, also does that ever happen to anyone else?

ANYWAY, today I have something super special for you an interview with the lovely Ashley from Spellbound Nails! I met Ashley through the great Llama nail art challenge group on facebook and she is just lovely, she is also an indie polish maker. As you may (or may not know) I only recently embraced the indie polish world by buying two Daring Digits polishes and I am now obsessed. For those not in the know, indie polishes are artisan hand mixed polishes (usually packed with glitters in stunning colour combinations). Due to international shipping rules indie polishes can be quite expensive and quite tricky to get hold of but where there is a will there is a way and I will add a couple of links to the bottom of this post for seller that have been recommended to me for those of you in the UK who’d like to explore the options.

So, on with the interview! *tucks multiple pens behind ears and into hair and pulls out notepad*

PMP: So Ashley, how did you first discover indies?

I first discovered indies through the blogosphere. I love reading other blogger’s posts so I was intrigued when indies started cropping up. I followed the rise religiously and was fascinated with some of the polishes these wonderful indie makers could come up with. They were all so creative It was like finding the wide world of nail art all over again — love at first sight, and I couldn’t wait to try my own hand at it.

PMP: Do you remember your first?
I do remember my first indie! I think we all remember our first. It’s just something so special! It was a Daily Lacquer polish. She had just launched her brand and was having a giveaway. I was so lucky to win a polish of my choice, and she was nice enough to send me Maple Syrup from a then upcoming Elf inspired collection. Her rise to fame is really an inspiration to me.

PMP: So as I mentioned you are now a polish maker youself and you’ve just launched a whole new selection, which one is the best?
Oh man, do I really have to choose?? I don’t know if I can pick just one! I love all my polishes, but even I can admit to having favorites. The problem is that I released a lot of favorites this time. Can I rank my top three?

Jaded for Green is definitely in the top three. It’s a jade green holographic that is stunning in any light.

Sugar ‘n Spice is a creamy white polish with light pink, fuchsia, and turquoise dot glitters, small fuchsia hex glitters and holographic baby blue micro-glitters. It is literally everything nice in a bottle, in my opinion!!

The last of my top three is one that holds a special place in my heart. I am a huge Doctor Who fan, from new to old (because that’s how I discovered it) so I knew I had to do something extra special for the recent season finale and the upcoming 50th anniversary episode. That’s where All of Time and Space comes in with it’s slightly sheer dark blue base and silver holographic glitter in stars, moons, and tiny micro-glitters. It’s like a galaxy nail in a polish bottle!

Currently Ashley can’t ship to the UK (BOO) but keep an eye out on her facebook page for the opportunity to win some nail polish jewelry and any updates on when it will become available. For those of you in the US and Canada loving these polishes head over to the Etsy store!

PMP: Now, I am not going to let you go without setting you The Tenner Challenge as homework!

When Charlie asked me this question there was the prerequisite moment of panic. But then I realized this was easy!! I love nail art, and there are a few simple things I keep on hand that can really speed things up but give you an amazing mani! If you’re any kind of nail polish addict you already have the polish; now get these essentials!!

Eyeshadow Applicators – $1.00 (£.64) This is a simple and money saving way of creating texture on your nails. I buy a pack of 12 at my local Dollar Store; they’re double ended and double sided so you can get four uses out of each one (or four colors for one mani). I use them for gradients, galaxy nails, and to create backgrounds for my nail art. Plastic Wrap/Saran Wrap – $2.24 (£1.44) I love using plastic wrap. A few dabs with plastic wrap dipped in polish can turn any mani into something elegant or mind-blowing! Nail Art Brushes – $1.68 (£1.08) Nail art brushes are a major essential for nail artists. They come in small pack with the very basic brushes and large packs with every kind of nail art brush you could think of and then some. I can usually accomplish any nail art with one or two brushes; it’s all in how light your hand is. Thick or thin lines, I can usually create them with the same brush. If you don’t have a light hand or you know you’re going to be doing a wide variety of nail art then I definitely recommend going with the larger brush set. Ziploc Sandwich Bags – $2.98 (£1.92) Paint a coat of clear polish over a sandwich bag about the size of your nails and with a little imagination you can have your own nail art stickers. I do this a lot with the more in-depth and complicated nail art.

Click me to see the post!

Dotting Tools – $1.86 (£1.20) Dotting tools are fun! Not only can they create quick and easy dotticures, but I have used them to create many other things on my nails. My most recent creation was a cat for my Ancient Egypt mani in the Time Periods Challenge.

Striping Tape – $1.90 (£1.22) Striping tape is the most wondrous invention. The designs you can create using striping tape are unending! I especially love the striping tape manis that you paint over and peel off to leave the under polish visible where the tape was. Love this look too but have no striping tape and can’t find it in store? In a pinch you can use wax paper and regular tape. Stick a piece of tape to the wax paper and use a pair of scissors to put notches down the length of the tape. The notches will help you get the tape to similar widths. Once you have the notches done simply slip your scissors into them and cut up through the tape as straight as possible. These strips can then be peeled off the wax paper and used to create such designs. Total: $11.66 (approx. £7.52) I’m a bargain hunter, so I search and search for where I’m going to get the best deal. What’s better than getting all these products that will give me many great manis and still having money leftover?

Please go and check out Ashley’s blog – she does some incredible art in between making beautiful polishes. For those of you interested in indies there are some available from Sally Magpie’s (don’t forget to send in your answer to The Tenner Challenge by midnight on Thursday 30th for your chance to win a £10 voucher) and Daring Digits recommends Mei Mei’s Signitures. What was your first indie?


3 comments on “The Indie Interview with Spellbound Nails

  1. Oh that teal is BEAUTIFUL. Major lemming!!!
    This was a fun post to read =)

    My first indie was by a little known brand called Absolut Lacquer and it’s a multi coloured glitter bomb called ‘Maybe I’m Crazy’ and I snagged one of the last two bottles before she stopped making it! It’s really special to me, but I don’t wear it often because I know when it’s gone, it’s gone!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      May 29, 2013

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 Was nice to have something a little bit different to share!
      Protect the precioussssss!

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