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Something else shiney for a change

I recently joined a scheme called Bzzagent and they send you items to try out based on your answers to surveys. The first thing they have sent me is a new product from Tresemme which is called Platinum Strength Concentrated Rinse Off Treatment this comes in 15ml tubes which retail for £1.49. So I am going to add the product description from the info pack and then I’ll give you my first thoughts on the product. This was sent to be for free but I will always be 100% honest about anything I review on here because otherwise what is the point?

TRESemme’s new Platinum Strength collection offers a revolutionary Renewing Complex that reinforces hair’s natural barrier to protect your tresses from damage to they can handle whatever the day throws your way. And the results are miraculously quick! After just 5 uses of Platinum Strength your hair should be visibly repaired of up to 2 years of damage. 

tresemmeI have used this product twice so far – the instructions say to apply once a week to the most damaged areas of your hair and avoid the roots, leave for 1 minute and rinse out – I have been focusing on the ends of my hair. I am really bad at looking after my hair – I wash it fairly frequently and always blow dry it. I also used to straighten or curl it a fair amount when I was working in the shop although since returning to “student bum” status I have cut down a bit. The product smells nice and clean and is no problem to apply or wash out although when my hair was damp it did feel a bit plastic-y (I am guessing that would be the protective barrier). Once dried hair is soft and clean feeling although I wouldn’t describe the results as ‘miraculous’ and my ends are still a little dry but I haven’t noticed any considerable build up of product or negative effects from usage so I suppose every little helps. This product is out on the market now so no waiting if you want to test it for yourself.

I am going to keep testing this – I still have two tubes left (I am using half a tube at a time), I have medium length hair and find that half a tube is plenty to give it a nice even condition – any more would probably just be a waste of product. I am going to try and snap some shots of my hair out in the sun tomorrow (if it is sunny) so I can properly document the effects – I tried in my lightbox but almost got my head stuck so that’s a no go. What products do you use on your hair that you would recommend? Have you tried this product?

I should say that there are four other products in this range including a shampoo, a conditioner, a leave in spray and a deep conditioning treatment.

2 comments on “Something else shiney for a change

  1. NailArtNovice
    June 11, 2013

    Hahaha, had this really amusing image of you with your head stuck in a lightbox!!!
    Hope this does some good =)

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