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Llama’s Time Period Challenge: 1960s

Originally I was going to have the Abbey Road cover across my nails but after I did it well it wasn’t very obvious what it was BUT for anyone wondering you can definitely transfer colour using my vodka method. You will need a laser printer and 80 gsm paper for optimum results (I have been chatting to other bloggers about successes and failures and this was the optimum we’ve come up with). 

Ground control to Major Tom…

So moving on I thought about important events of the 1960s and settled on the moonlandings! I have never done proper galaxy nails and that is still true BUT if I am completely honest I was feeling lazy and I had the perfect polish to achieve the effect I wanted.

1moonlandingsMy astronaut looks a little blobby but I think it gets the idea across – just a quick bit of work with some Natural Collection White and Rimmel Grey Matter; I combined the remnants of these two paints to create the moon. You might notice he is painted on black (W7 Black) and I was going to do black and navy blue combos for a spacey effect but the application of this polish is quite frankly a massive pain in the bottom. It’s gloopy and thin and draggy all at the same time – while it does settle down in two coats… I am put off now. Maybe it’s just my bottle – anyone else use this polish? What black do you recommend?

1moonlandings2So the rest of my nails are painted with BarryM Navy which truly is beautiful and perfect – I have had it for almost a year now and have just under half a bottle left but it still applies like a dream. Over the top I applied 1 coat of Pocket Money Polishes Starry, Starry Night – which I think it possibly my favourite of all the polishes I have created, I just wish I could capture the holo of the gold. I happen to know that the lovely Laura from She Who Does Nails is posting a review and swatches of this polish today so go have a peek! Around the astronaut I have sponged W7 Cosmic Green which I haven’t used a whole lot but is a very pretty green and gold glitter.

1moonlandings3Topped everything off with Color Club Top Coat which came from my Back Stage Pass Collection and I am yet to discover if you can buy it individually… does anyone know? My nails are a bit poo at the moment – thin, flakey and dry, it really is putting a downer on the art side of things as I keep looking at their sorry state. I am doing everything I can to try and get them back in good condition (aside from not painting them nearly every day). Would you guys mind if I did more features without art?



Check out all the stunning 1960s manis from the rest of the ladies using the inlinkz froggie!


10 comments on “Llama’s Time Period Challenge: 1960s

  1. michelle
    June 14, 2013

    This is a great take on the theme. I love it! 🙂

  2. Mina
    June 14, 2013

    We don’t mind you featuring manis without art, hun – we want your baby digits to get back on their feet and get better soon! ;(
    And I don’t think your astronaut is blobby – their suits are meant to be that way hehe 😉
    I love the starry effect you achieved and I’m with you on being too lazy to (really) try to go for a galaxy effect – lol
    I’d recommend a good black to you (the one I use and love anayway) but I’m 100% sure you can’t get it in UK, so I’m not much help – sorryyyy **

    ps. laughed loads with the music vid – hahaha

  3. NailArtNovice
    June 14, 2013

    These are really awesome! We’re both rocking spacy nails at the mo =)

  4. Craftynail
    June 14, 2013

    THESE ARE GREAT!! i love your little astronaut!

  5. Lisa N.
    June 14, 2013

    Love your ring finger design. Great job on the manicure 🙂

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