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These are a few of my favourite things…

I was recently chatting to another blogger about desert island polishes – which ones would we save if we were ship wrecked. Making a list of polishes like that causes no amount of anxiety – it’s like choosing between babies. I did not make a definitive list but I thought I would share with you ten polishes that I am loving right now!

wisemonkey2 wisemonkey3

From left to right we have: Tara’s Talons Wise Monkey, BarryM Red Croc Effects, W7 Roasted Chestnut, Daring Digits More Dots, Models Own Ibiza Mix, Julie G Crushed Candy, Color Show Chalk Dust, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui and Essie Penny Talk.

There are many many polishes which totally could have made the cut too but these are the ones I am going for, right now. I’ve used most of these polishes recently and I think they’ve all appeared on my blog at least once, except for perhaps Ibiza Mix – I shall try and do something with this stunning glitter soon.

wisemonkey5Who just shouted ‘and Wise Monkey’? Well spotted, lets get to it! I am not the only indie in the UK, more and more are popping up everyday. The first indie maker in the UK that I heard of was Tara’s Talons but this was waaaay before I got sucked into the indie world. I’ve been very fortunate to get chatting with Tara and was thrilled to finally purchase one of her polishes. Most of the nail polishes she designs are extremely limited edition or one off which i really love – who wouldn’t like something utterly unique in their collection?

There is currently a summer sale on so the polish was retailing at £5.20, there is a postage charge of £3 which brings the total up to £8.20; the polish was well wrapped and arrived quickly and worth every penny, did I mention it is one of a kind?! This is also hand mixed and I know that a lot of love goes into these babies. In the future I am definitely investing in one of Tara’s picknmix or surprise bags! Ok ok ok so onto the pretty… Wise Monkey is a stunning brown polish (my favourite kind) with oooodles of gold shimmer. It was pretty opaque with one coat but I went for two just for perfections sake. I didn’t not topcoat although you would probably need to for a perfectly smooth finish.

wisemonkeyApplication was a dream – creamy and even. I am so impressed with this polish, I was dreading it in some ways in case I didn’t like it but never fear, it is truly amazing and it is mine… ALL mine. I didn’t want to do any nail art with this because ermm it’s just so nice looking and I honestly couldn’t think of anything that could add to it. I feel like I have just made a massive confession but I genuinely do love the colour brown and brown polish. Oh, just remembered, the wear on this polish is amazing and removal is much easier than a lot of glitter polishes. Sorry i am just so excited about this polish to have organised thoughts.  Whilst you cannot get Wise Monkey there are lots of other unique beauties available and if there is a special one it is definitely worth grabbing when you see it. You can of course always request a custom polish which looks a lot like Wise Monkey…If you want to check out more of Tara’s beauties to convince yourself how much you really need at least one in your collection, Special Girl Nails featured her polishes all week last week (and maybe reviewing one or two of mine this week :D) so it is worth having a browse over there too. If you’re already convinced click HERE. I heard a rumour that Tara also has a massive giveaway going on but I want to win so you’ll have to find the link yourselves! Nah, just kidding HERE you go. I hope that everyone is having a great week – I really am so far! I shall leave you with a picture of a not so wise monkey 😀 What polishes make your favourites list? Are you feeling some indie love?


5 comments on “These are a few of my favourite things…

  1. Cazzy Durcan
    June 25, 2013

    Now that is a pretty polish! It looks so rich and decadent.

    Cute monkey too – is he wise though?

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  3. Lisa N.
    June 25, 2013

    Great faves then!! 😀

  4. Char
    June 25, 2013

    Ooh this is gorgeous! so hard to choose faves! I have so many haha xx

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