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OPI Mini Bond Girl with the Lovely Claire

When Charlie asked for guest posters, i jumped at the chance as ive never done a guest post! But then i gotto thinking…what the heck am i gonna write about!!  Obviously nails…cos thats my main love…so what to do!
A while ago i bought the OPI Bond Girl Mini Set from BUYAPOWER and hadnt had a chance try it – PERFECT!
So, this is my guest post (i guess!!)
The only downside to the min Bond Girl set is it doesnt have the delicious blue of “Tiffany Case” – thats one that i will get one day and review it but it is a shame it wasnt in the mini set.
What WAS in the mini set was:
“Solitaire” – A diamond sparkling white
“Pussy Galore” – A light pink with a touch of shimmer
“Vesper” – A deep purple
“Jinx” – a matte coral with sparkle
The polishes are made of what OPI call a “Liquid Sand” – its a textured rough coat, that was first used in the Mariah Carey set last year.  It does have only two options it seems – you either love them, or you hate them.  Simple as that. Me? I LOVE them!
Opi seem to be bringing out colours in their own right using the liquid sand texture – obviously using the response of the Mariah Carey Set as a baseline.  Like i say, you either love them or you hate them.
Yes they have a rough texture, and with these mani’s i actually didnt use a top coat like i normally do, i left them with the roughness, and i liked them! But if the feel of the texture bugs you, you can easily put on a topcoat to make it smooth. However, some people dont like the look of the liquid sand – i think it adds a quirkiness to the colour (and i love quirkiness!)
So base coat used was Nails Inc Hyde Park and just 2 coats of each OPI polish was needed to get a complete opaque colour.  As theyre mini bottles and the brushes are small id advise to bring the brush out the bottle, one or two quick swipes to rid too much excess and apply.  I found it better to have thicker coats here rather than thinner ones.
solitaireSolitaire is a gritty, but sparkly white.  Normally i dont get on with white as a colour, but i liked this one! Like i say i like quirky colours and the texture attracts the eye in a way a plain white polish wouldnt.  It does look like a perfect polish for a wedding i think!!!
PGallorePussy Galore….i like the shade of pink.  But with this one, i dont know, the texture reminds me of a raspberry or something.  It doesnt jump to the eye like Solitaire did.  Maybe a top coat was needed with this one to add that extra shine that Solitaire has in built. Its a little dull without the sparkle…so yeah, definetly a topcoat for next time on this one!
VesperVesper -wow! That was an unexpected polish!  In the bottle it looks almost brown.  On the first coat, it showed itself to be a luscious purple with some of the liquid sand grittiness.  When i applied the second coat though, it changed again and went to a really really dark purple, and because it was so dark, none of the little crystals could get through to shine and instead of making the polish look sparkly, it looked bumpy!  Which i was a little disappointed by as everyone knows i love my purples!!  Again, maybe a topcoat might have brought this one more to life?
JinxLast one was Jinx – a real vibrant red with oodles of amber shining through.  Im not normally a red fan, but i liked this one – it was certainly quirky enough for me! I loved the two colours together – they complimented each other – almost like a sunset or sunrise. Really pretty!
So, there you go! Not a complete success, but not a dismal failure either! This is what i think Mini sets are good for – they let you try the colours without having to buy the full sized polish.  I only wish theyd put the Tiffany Case in there!
Would i recommend trying them?
Not sure. If you fell madly in love with one, two, three or all colours then maybe youd be better getting the full bottles! But if you just liked them and thought theyd be a good polish for every now and then, absolutely.  I think ill be wearing the white again for sure (which shocked me, as like i said, im not normally a white fan!), maybe the pink with a top coat.  The purple disappointed me, and the red was surprising to me! Id buy the white full bottle, but im happy with minis with the rest!
Hope this wasnt too boring and thank you Charlie for having me here on your blog!
Happy polishing everyone!!
Now off you all go to check out Claire’s wonderful blog – this is a girl who knows her polish and always manages to get something new ❤ Not to mention she is one of the loveliest people I know. 

4 comments on “OPI Mini Bond Girl with the Lovely Claire

  1. Lisa N.
    July 15, 2013

    Nice colors!

  2. Katherine
    July 16, 2013

    I picked up Jinx because I felt like I should get something from this line, but now that I’m looking at them here I’m thinking I might go back and get Solitaire one of these days, too. Hmm! 🙂

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