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Skittle: Twin Post Edition

I have been too excited for this post for a long time for a couple of reasons; not only is this my first ever twin post BUT my twin for today is a bloggerita that I am a major fangirl for – Accio Lacquer. Rocking the geek chic, she always has fun and imaginative posts about amazing indie polishes and great nail art – with time and love for all her commenters and followers.

Ok enough gushing – for those not in the know a twin post is when two bloggers create a manicure with the same theme, colours or sometimes even using the same nail polish. This post came around when I challenged Miss Mishka to pick out just 20 polishes from her thousands that she could save when washed up on a desert island – I think I nearly gave the girl a break down. So with this in mind as soon as you’re done reading here you should go over to her blog and see what she has done for today.

We agreed to do a post with specific colours on specific fingers – teal index, blue middle, purple ring and pink pinkie.

accioskittle2Now I didn’t necessarily pick my favourite polishes for this combo but I tried to capture ideas and techniques that I could not live on the desert island without. Let’s be honest I would probably sacrifice purple for another brown polish. I know, I’m a rebel.

I actually used my right hand for this post as Miss Left is in rehab still and I was fed up of the sight of my nubbins. The un-featured blogger hand (usually their dominant) has become known as the Cinderella and – the hard worker that doesn’t get dressed up all the time and sadly doesn’t get to go to the ball very often but here she is in shining glory.

So, NEW POLISH! Glittering away in all her magic glory on my pinkie is OPI Liquid Sand Stay The Night which is from the Mariah Carey collection earlier this year. I bought it for £6 (free delivery) from ASOS. I’ve tried a couple of textured polishes now including P2 Sand Style and Julie G Frosted Gum Drops and in comparison the feel of this texture is much less rough to the touch. Removal is the same as a standard glitter so PVA base for all those who don’t like the metallic claws of the foil method.

accioskittle5Moving on to my ring finger – purple… UGH. I was here a long time trying to figure out what to do with the three purple polishes I own. I decided there was only one solution so I went with Barrym Gelly Plum stamped over Rimmel Lycra Pro Ultra Violet using BM-209. This was actually my first time using this diamond design and I am loving it. P.S. Stamping is difficult when it’s so hot and you have fans going – polish dries too quickly!

Middle finger was blue and another NEW polish for the base – stunning H&M Blue Me Away which is a dark shade of cornflower/periwinkle blue and I am totally in love with. The best bit? It was only £1! Keep an eye out for sale bins by the counters ladies! I also picked up a beautiful orange with pink shimmer called Lindalicious. I topped it off with some a coat of PMP Glitter Babies Firework –one of the benefits of making polishes is that you get to keep all the prototypes. I could definitely not live without crazy glitter on a dessert island.


Teal caused me a small crisis until I remembered about Barrym Gelly Watermelon which is a blackened tealy green and beautiful. I added a couple of dots in Julie G Rock Candy. The dots may not be perfect but I was pleased with this combo. So SPARKLY.

So there we go! My manicure is a bit of EVERYTHING. Lots of polishes used but hey, desert island needs a good supply of polish.

Here’s a shot of both mine and Accio Lacquer’s manis side by side. Ramble over, quick, run away and check out Mishka’s combo. BIG LOVE.

Pose 2 PMP



2 comments on “Skittle: Twin Post Edition

  1. Lisa N.
    July 16, 2013

    Fun skittle! 🙂

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