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Summer Nights

So thanks to heat and hay fever my nights are becoming even longer than usual but to be to honest, I’ll take a long summer night over any morning of the year. I am not a morning person, never have been and never will be. The August collection will be launched in the evening many of you will be pleased to hear.

However, the great thing about clear summer nights are the beautiful skies – even here in light polluted Bournemouth! One of my favourite things about night time is the moon – it is insanely beautiful. I remember seeing it rise once over the sea at Bournemouth beach, there is something magical about it.

moonbeams3When Tara released a stunning cream polish call Moon Beams I was straight on it! It contains grey glitters and gold flecks which catch the light every now and again. It kind of reminds me more of speckled egg than a moon beam but you know what, I don’t care because it applied in two glorious coats and looks perdy. I actually have been wearing it on my toes for over a week and not a chip in sight.

I used this polish as an accent alongside two coats of Ciate Sandune and a few stamped stars (one of the BM plates… forgotten which one >.<).


Tara’s Talons almost always have something new and exciting with it’s one off and limited edition polishes. Be warned if you don’t grab it when you see it, someone else will! I am so pleased with the two I have so far and they really are something a little bit different! For a lot of people not on the nail scene indie polishes are really unknown territory but I can only say: try it out! There are unique colours and glitters suitable for the most outrageous and the most subdued. These polishes are something special because they are so personal and hand made – this doesn’t mean they are a poorer quality than those found in the shops either, many of them are higher as they’re not tested on animals and do not contain many of the harmful chemicals found in those polish pots.


ANYWAY, quick nubbin update – we’re beginning to see some real growth and today is the first time in a few days that I have painted my left hand, I think you’re going to be shocked and amazed when I next to photographs.

Did you enjoy the twin post yesterday? Are you an indie virgin? What’s the story? Looking forward to reading your comments!

2 comments on “Summer Nights

  1. Kitsu
    July 17, 2013

    Oooh I love that color! And nice mani, those polishes look perfect together 🙂

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