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Pish Posh and Polish takes over PMP!

Hi there my name is Kerrie and I  am a nail polish and beauty blogger over at PishPosh and Polish. Charlie is a dear friend of mine and we chat online quite often, so I instantly jumped at the chance of being able to help out and guest post!
IMG_3424I wanted to create a simple fun layering manicure that would be perfect for the heat wave we are having here in the UK at the moment. This manicure uses one of the Limited Edition summer polishes by one of my favourite British Brands, Barry M. This polish was available in Superdrug for free when you spent more than £6 on Barry M products (which for me meant more polish!!). If you are quick you might be still able to get this polish (while stocks last!). Annoyingly the Limited Editions don’t have a name!
This polish is a pure sugar pink explosion which verges on neon with a consistency somewhere between a creme and a jelly. I say this because it is too opaque to create a jelly sandwich manicure with but it  also has a translucence squishiness to it that makes it cross the line away from a conventional creme. Because of this I needed three coats to get a nice even coverage on the nail, you could almost get away with two but I notice some ‘bald spots’ and I am a perfectionist. On the plus side each coat dried relatively quickly.
IMG_3427I decided to layer some glitter on top of the pink. I love wearing glitter in the summer and this holographic shard polish captured and reflected the light perfectly and looked like fine mirror particles on my nail. This polish is Color Club Diamond Drops and this is two coats. I did notice that my shards has sunk to the bottom of the bottle a bit but I shook it up a few times before taking a new dip of polish and that seemed to help. You can see two coats on the nail and I found the best way to apply this polish was using a dabbing motion to evenly distribute the glitter!
I used two coats of Seche Vite to create a nice glassy finish and to even out any of the bumps from the Color Club. I really enjoyed wearing this simple summer manicure and think it looks really great on the nail. It would easily look fab for a pedicure too!
Do you tend to chance what colours and types of polishes you wear depending on the season?
Anyway I suppose I should wrap this up. Big thank you to the wonderful Charlie for letting me post here. I hope it was okay and up to your high standard. Don’t forget if you like what you see you can pop over to my blog and say hi (and this is an exclusive that I haven’t revealed anywhere else yet: I am holding a super-duper great giveaway on my blog imminently! How exciting!)
Lots of Love
I feel like I need to run out and grab this Special Edition Barrym now – shame it doesn’t have a name, maybe we should give it one! What do you think? P.S. the giveaway is insane – wait till you see what she’s got lined up! 

2 comments on “Pish Posh and Polish takes over PMP!

  1. Mina
    July 24, 2013

    hahah – I get you: I myself feel like I must somehow get this Barry M pink! 😀
    Gorgeous shade and the shredded glitter makes for a great combo 🙂

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