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Glitter Babies 4: September Sparkle Collection (Part One)

So I changed my plans a little and have decided to reveal four of the eight polishes being released in September with you today and the other four tomorrow. I think this is possibly my favourite of all the collections so far so I hope you’ll like it!

Where to start?!?

SeptCaliforniaDreaming2This is California Dreaming which is inspired by the classic Mammas and Pappas song – a perfect autumn song if you ask me. Those days when the sun of July and August seem like a distant memory and the trees are starting to change. This polish is is all about the warm end of the spectrum and I think will be great if we do get any last minute sunshine *wishful thinking*


On the left I have one generous coat of polish and on the right this is a build up of three (no undies or top coat). This mix contains large hot pink hexes, smaller yellow hexes and tiny metallic orange hexes combined together with short red bar glitters. I found the coverage was relatively even although for aesthetic reasons you may find placing the larger hexes works better than swiping. Looking through my recipe this is the first polish that I designed for this collection and (don’t tell the other polishes) this is one of my personal favourites!


Mmmmm brownnn… This beauty is called Brown Eyed Girl and is my dream glitter combination. I was inspired by lots of things for this polish including coffee and trashy reality tv. I am looking forward to making the most of my tester bottle – so expect to be seeing this A LOT.


No undies or top coat again. This polish is packed with glitter – caramel, chocolate brown, dark berry, gold holo and neon pink squares. It’s not quite office friendly but I like to think that it is both classy and sassy. This looks amazing over BarryM Lychee but I think will also be nice contrasted against brighter colours. I can’t wait to see what people come up with! I did have a small dragging issue with my later coats but I was rushing so with enough dry time this shouldn’t be a problem! No placement needed.


Keep The Faith by Bonjovi has been one of my favourite songs for a long time and to be honest I had no idea how I was going to turn it into a polish. So, I kind of didn’t. I actually made this polish after listening to Skyfall on loop but ended up not feeling the name was right. Keep The Faith just felt right when it was suggested – a combination of rain and hope.


There’s a lot of blue metallic glitter in this mix and I had a small nightmare trying to capture the shine of this polish. In addition to the blue there are large golden holo hexes and micro slices of sky blue holo which just catch the light and sparkle like magic. This is one of my denser mixes and I don’t think it could be built up to quite full opacity but it could come close. I haven’t had chance to swatch this one over many colours but I did try it over a very similar blue and I loved twirling my fingers so the glitters caught the light in different ways.


Heart of Glass is named for the Blondie classic and I didn’t for a second need to think about this choice of name. I was going to release this polish in August but it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the polishes. It has definitely found a place in the metallic mixes of September Sparkle although it does remain a little bit of a rebel.

SeptHeartofGlassI’m not entirely sure why this picture came out so gloomy… :-/ I didn’t realise until I came to edit this picture last minute and now my camera is on charge and it’s 2am. ANYWAY, I hope you can see the zany shatter of these hot matte pink and silver foil shards in their various pointy shapes and sizes. This polish looks AMAZING over black. I did find in my test mix that some of the silver shards were a little large but I am now doing my best to weed those glitters out. This is a glitter that will need a topcoat for an even finish but she’s a rock goddess who is beautiful if rough around the edges! 

So what do you think of the first part of this collection? Any favourites? These polishes will be officially released on September 1st at 6pm over at http://www.pocketmoneypolishes.co.uk! I am already counting down. Tune in tomorrow for another four beauties from this collection.

10 comments on “Glitter Babies 4: September Sparkle Collection (Part One)

  1. Lisa N.
    August 15, 2013

    What gorgeous colors! Looks like an amazing collection so far 🙂

  2. uknailrunner
    August 15, 2013

    Brown Eyed Girl!! I love brown glitters and will be *NEEDING* this one, lol! I have a colour combination in mind for it already 😀

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  4. Mel
    September 3, 2013

    Argh Heart of Glass is just amazing! I have to admit I went for Keep the Faith because it made me think of Billy Joel’s Keeping the Faith, but I am liking how they are all based on songs, very clever!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      September 3, 2013

      I will be doing a Billy Joel at some point – I am thinking it might be New York State of Mind… although that might not fit on my bottles >.<

      • Mel
        September 3, 2013

        If you do Billy Joel ones I will love you forever :p
        Aw yeah that’s a shame! I was going through some titles but most of them are quite long!

      • pocketmoneypolishes
        September 3, 2013

        Piano Man would fit 😀

      • mellb00
        September 4, 2013

        it would! not sure how that would work as a polish but you’re the expert here :p

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