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PMP is feeling all A la mode!

Hi everyone! I’m Laura and I’m based over at A’ La Mode Lacquer.

I think I squealed a little bit when Charlie asked me if I’d like to do a guest blog for PMP! I’m a big fan of her Indie Polishes and wrote a post last week about her new September Sparkle collection – which are all gorgeous by the way. I jumped at the opportunity, having only been blogging a fairly short while, I’m really pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with Charlie!

So, as this is my first guest blog, and knowing Charlie and everyone else over here, is a big fan of glitter, I decided I’d do a cute but simple manicure to show you all. It’s little girly, a bit princess-y, and a lot sparkly. I think things in those measures always work out well, and it was the perfect combination for my night out last night with friends before we all start heading off to Uni and Colleges.

‘Stop talking and bring on the pictures!’ I hear you cry; here are those pictures for you to take a sneaky little peek at. I created this look using budget polishes, so if you’re strapped for cash then this is perfect for you!

(Also, please excuse the short pinky and thumb nails – I had a couple of accidents last week that has left them a little worse for wear)

The base colour is two coats of MUA Lush Lilac for £1. Lilac in my eyes is slightly purple-ier than this shade but if you hold the bottle next to a pink polish then it definitely isn’t pink. It’s a deceptive one, especially once it’s on my nails. It maybe just because of my skin tone that it shows up so pink. Then again, my camera not capturing the colour properly in the photos also has a lot to do with it!

On all of my fingers except my ring finger, I used Primark Silver Holographic Glitter to create a gradient from my cuticle down. The holo glitter works out at 50p, as it comes in a set with 3 other polishes for £2. Bargain! And it’s a fantastic polish too. Not too thick, with plenty of glitter to go around. The holo gives off the wonderful multi-coloured changes when it hits the light, ranging from blues and greens, to yellow, pink and red! It’s a real stunner.

The gradient isn’t too noticeable, kind of like fairydust sprinkle over the nail, and is just a perfect little addition to the look I think. A bit of sparkle never hurt nobody, right?

For me though, not enough glitter yet, so on the ring finger I layered two coats of the holo polish for more opacity, and then I added a very thin layer (mostly just dabbing actually) of Collection 2000’s Bedazzled Polish in 1 Razzle Dazzle. This is mostly silver glitters in small and medium sizes, plus a few metallic turquoise pieces that contrasted quite nicely with the lilac base.

I rarely wear my nails quite so girly, but I am really loving this, and it’s a nice palette cleanser from some of my brighter designs. It’s not in your face, but it’s really glitzy and elegant, and you could probably get away with it at school or work if they allow such things.

How’d you all like the final look? Are you a fan of glitter? And yes, that was a trick question: who doesn’t love some glittery goodness on their nails?

You can find me across at A’ La Mode Lacquer Blog, on FacebookInstagram and Bloglovin! I hope all you guys enjoyed my first guest post! Feel free to tell me how I’ve done! 🙂

3 comments on “PMP is feeling all A la mode!

  1. Lisa N.
    August 26, 2013

    Cute mani!

  2. mel
    September 3, 2013

    Whaaat that glitter is from Primark? I need to go there more often! Very cute mani 😀

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