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Back to Blogging!

Hurrah! So this is just a quick post to let you all know that I am finally intending to make my return to blogging. September has already been a pretty busy month but most of my preparation for this months collection and the Pop Up Store has finished so I now have some time to get back to my nails or should I say nubbins.


Anyone following me on facebook has probably already seen these pictures but I thought I would give you some picture spam so you could see what I’ve been wearing on my nails (yes, this might be a bit of shameless self promotion as I have been embracing the September Sparkles collection…).

<—- So this is Keep the Faith over W7 Black and I wore this for launch day. This polish just twinkles and the super shiney finish of the W7 makes it a little bit dazzling in the sun. My W7 is still a gloopy mess but somehow magically self levels and dries nicely so I am not ready to trade it in or buy a new bottle yet. Keep the Faith took zero effort to apply (which was good as I was doing it by the light of my lightbox lamp at about 4am).


This is California Dreaming over Barrym Indigo – the Barrym is pretty much a one coater although I used two on a couple of nails where there were slight opacity issues. I have missed my Barrym’s – been trying out so many things and was really nice to go back to the classic. I have just seen a link for a preview of the Autumn/Winter stock from Barry and there are some lovely autumnal matte polishes on the way! I had been eyeing up Mentality polishes over at Sally Magpie‘s but have been holding off as I can’t quite pick up enough to make it to free postage. On the subject of postage – what a drama! I have some ILNP‘s on the way (Ultrachrome…OM NOM NOM) and I really hope they make it – definitely seems like there has been a recent crack down on parcels lately… fingers cross indies still manage to make it through the net.


Final picture for the evening and this is Eye of the Tiger over A Taupe the Space Needle from OPI which I picked up from a blog sale. I have to admit this wasn’t my first choice of combo colours BUT I really like how it turned out (even if SOMEONE thinks that this looks like sparkly baby poo). The OPI was great to work with, I just love their brushes too – makes even my sloppy application look neat(ish) around the cuticles. My untried collection is obscene so I was really happy to tick this one off and can’t wait to wear it more… is it bad I waited all summer for the weather to turn so I could get back to my brown palette?

I am hoping to get some nail art done this week and a few more swatches from my untried collection. I was considering joining another challenge this month but I think that is a bit too in the deep end for me – hopefully by October I can join one though. I think I am starting to get my mojo back! Fancy winning an exclusive Pocket Money Polish Glitter Baby? There is a giveaway happening right now on Penny For Them. No, the polish is not brown! It is in fact purple and super sparkly so run my pretties! I am off to practice my hand posing… ❤ thanks for having me back!


5 comments on “Back to Blogging!

  1. Mel
    September 3, 2013

    Yay! Keep the Faith looks so good over black, will be trying that combo!
    I had the same thing with my Barry Ms, bought almost all of them then forgot about them when discovering new polishes, so it’s nice to go back to them.
    Looking forward to your future posts and my polishes arriving 😀

  2. Cazzy Durcan
    September 4, 2013

    Yay! Good to see you back! Loving your combinations.

    I’m looking forward to the Barry M Autumn stuff too – especially those matte ones!

  3. Lisa N.
    September 4, 2013

    Welcome back!

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