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Nail Sales

So after my mention of nail sales last week I had a lot of emails and requests to expand and share. I thought I would make a short post with some advice and then include a couple of links to some nail sale groups (with the proviso that I hold no responsibility with anything that happens in these groups).

1) Go into Nail Sale groups with an idea of what you want and how much you’re willing to spend. Wandering into these groups without these two things are very dangerous as you’re likely to make impulse buys of things you don’t really want because they seem like a good deal OR pay more than you really should for something.

2) Always check pictures and the details of what you are buying. I would say you’re a lot less likely to be cheated or pick up a fake in these groups but at the end of the day, protect yourself by checking out the fill line and that the product looks as it should. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do not feel pressured into buying anything you’re not sure about.

3) Make a deal – see if you can combine items for a better price or get postage included on bigger buys. It is very much don’t ask don’t get – if the person says no, then hey, it’s their stuff to sell. Just keep your eye out for the next opportunity or re-evaluate and make an offer.

4) Use paypal to transfer money and make sure you’re protected by selecting goods and services – NEVER feel pressured into sending your money to a stranger with no way of getting it back if things go wrong. If you ever consider selling then keep this additional charge in mind when listing your prices.

5) Swaps are a great way of sweetening the deal but not all groups allow swaps and are purely money only so be sure to read the group rules.

6) First come, first served – yes there are a lot of people who are very quick off the draw and you will miss out on items. Do not throw a hissy fit, it will not win you any friends or polish. Do feel free to express your interest as the next person in line if the deal falls through.

7) Holding and Dealing – do not ask a person to hold an item or say you will definitely take an item if you’re not going to buy it. It is ok to change your mind but it is impolite to frequently waste peoples time as others will miss out on polishes they desperately want and the seller will also be unhappy.

8) Let a seller know when your item arrives and contact them privately first if there are any problems. If you’re selling make sure to get a proof of postage and to let the buyer know when you’ve sent out their item.


This advice is all from my personal experience and not meant to scare or panic anyone, you may never need to worry about any of these issues popping up.Remember these are communities and a great way to meet people with the same passions and interests as you, these are not faceless shops so being nice, friendly and polite goes a long way – people might remember that you’re hunting for a particular polish and tag you when it comes up. I have never *touch wood* had a problem with anything I have bought, with the exception of an OPI that refused to open (we did eventually persuade it) but this was not a major problem for me.

OOO I just thought of something else – make sure you know your postage charges and international postage rules, the UK is now very strict on polish and break the rules at your polishes’ peril!

Group for the UK:



Group for the US and International:



5 comments on “Nail Sales

  1. Lisa N.
    September 8, 2013

    Thanks for the advice!

  2. upcloseandpolished
    September 9, 2013

    Thank you , thank you, mind if I reblog??

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