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China Glaze: Holiglaze 2013 Bells Will Be Blinging

Bells Will Be Blinging Brand new polish today from China Glaze‘s Holiglaze Christmas collection: Bells Will Be Blinging. This polish combines small icey blue with silver glitters and short silver holo bars. It is wintery and sparkly and magical! It applied with a reasonable density and would most definitely be opaque in 2-3 coats. The bars are very well behaved and for the most part with a careful application everything will lie nice and flat but a healthy topcoat is advised to make it all smooth and glossy.

This polish may not be an automatic christmas colour combo idea but it really is like wonderful wrapping paper and glistening snow and New Years parties. Can you tell I am excited about this polish?

Bells Will Be BlingingI know, it’s nowhere near xmas yet but hey ho, I am allowed to be in the party mood now and again. I used a base of OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui – just one coat for a nice and even opacity (although you might need two if you use very thin coats). This is a green based blue and so far I can report no staining issues with it – so super points for OPI there. Ok, back to the CG.

I applied an one diagonal line and then filled in the gap with polish – the brush was always nicely coated and I am pleased to report the base was not thick or cumbersome. The glitter applies evenly across the surface and rather than do a second coat I just dabbed a little extra glitter here and there. Dry time was relatively quick and I applied a nice topping of Color Club Top Coat which is a thick topcoat from the sets and dries in very quick time.

The holo bars in this are incredible but I couldn’t get my camera to stay out of focus long enough to catch their twink. It really is a party on my nails though and I love the way that different angles accentuate the silver or the blue in the mix.

I have only picked up two polishes from this collection so far (the other being This is Tree-mendous which I will use in a separate post), I have a feeling that more will be falling into my basket very very soon. I picked mine up for £5.99 from Nail Polish Direct.


Are you daring to contemplate Christmas yet? I have a small confession – I already have my advent calendar but in my defense it is an extra special one from Tara’s Talons will with unique indie polishes just for me. She sold out of these in pre-order but has LOTS of goodies as ever over in her Etsy store and I am sure she’ll have something else special up her sleeves for xmas.


2 comments on “China Glaze: Holiglaze 2013 Bells Will Be Blinging

  1. Lothwen Akira
    September 18, 2013

    These two go really well together! Love!

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