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Coffee and Sprinkles


I am skittling it up today – well almost a skittle. I have combined a lot of my favourite polishes here today for what I am calling my coffee and cake manicure. I am thinking lattes with an iced donut… drools.

So on my index and pinkie I have two coats of Essie Penny Talk which you will ruin by topcoating and is one of my only ever lemmings. It is exactly what a shiney new penny looks like and I know some people don’t like the flawed finish but I think this is what makes it so perfect.

coffeenailsOn my middle finger I have W7 Roast Chestnut one of my all time favourite browns and two thin coats of Models Own Ibiza Mix. I always find the base on MO glitters to be a little thick but with a bit of work you can get the coverage you want without insane thickness but it’s a bit fiddly. Application aside this is one of my absolute fav glitters – metallic and candy coloured. I got this as an alternative to OPI The Living Daylights which I have come to realise is completely different but I think I like this polish a lot more. I topped with George Matte Topcoat. 

Finally on my ring finger I have Barrym Lychee with a stamped scallop pattern from MoYou Sailor 04 in W7 Roast Chestnut. I made the mistake of not letting Lychee completely dry before stamping so it got a little bit smushed .I really like this combination and I also like how easy it is to do on both hands – nothing like matching hands eh? I do find it amusing trying to explain why my hands don’t match sometimes when I go out in public but I am reassured by many others that this is a completely normal part of the nail blogging lifestyle. Would you ever go out with mismatched hands? What do you think of this polish combo?


I love reading your thoughts and will always do my best to reply, thank you!

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