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Born Pretty Neon Studs


Today for you I have some more Born Pretty Store nail art goodies that were sent to me for review! This time is a a wheel containing hundreds of bright and pastel coloured studs.

There are so many ways of using studs in nail art from just one at the base of the nail to covering your nail in them. They can easily be incorporated into other nail art designs such as those created by stamping too.

I have relatively small nails so it can be a pain finding nail art decorations that aren’t too big or cumbersome but these were just the right size for even my small nubins and I love the colours!

It was relatively warm yesterday so I decided to make the most of it and channel some sunshine feeling and go BRIGHT. I started out with two glossy coats of Nails Inc Blandford Street which is a coral-y orange… or is it an orangey coral? Anyway, it’s lovely and vibrant and the application was a pleasure (as I have come to expect from my hauls of NI polishes).

BornPrettyStuds2I then added PMP Glitter Babies I Want Candy which remains my best selling glitter creation to date. I must admit I am down to the very bottom of my tester bottle now but I still love this little neon party. The pink and the orange glitters are a little lost against Blandford Street but do pop up depending on angel and light. This is one coat with only a small bit of dabbing to fill in patches. I then topcoated all of my fingers and whilst this was still tacky I added my studs.


I went for these neon yellow and green studs in alternating lines – no problems with application but it appears the dotting tool I was using to pick them up still had some polish remnants on it which left small marks on the studs (my bad for not properly cleaning my tools). I followed up with another coat of top coat on my ring finger to make sure the studs were fully secured and voila! It’s worth applying topcoat thinly at this point so that it does not pool around the studs which can give an uneven appearance in the finish.

I do love how much Born Pretty crams into their nail wheels – I always hate half empty pots when they’ve just been bought, I just feel cheated. There are so many studs in this wheel I don’t imagine running out for a very long time and the quality is great with no colour loss or bleeding with topcoat. Great work BP! If you’re like to order these studs the link is HERE, don’t forget it’s free international shipping plus you can get 10% off your orders by using my discount code: XFL91

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday had a crazy day doing other projects and was just exhausted by the end of it. Back to business now though and to make up for it I thought I would add some pictures of my Christmas collection which is available for order now with optional gift-wrapping free of charge!

JingleBellRock SilentNight WhitexmasAllIWant4Xmas

3 comments on “Born Pretty Neon Studs

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  2. Char
    October 6, 2013

    These are cute 😀
    The new glitter babies look gorgeous ❤ xx

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