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Painted Black and Blue



My camera has returned hurrah but my arty shots shall be continuing (read as: lights where the exposure or colours didn’t quite work out right but still look kind of cool… in my opinion). My parents returned from their holiday in Cape Verde today and coincidentally the necklace that my mum bought me matched my mani – black and rich indigo blue.


This manicure combines too of my favourite looks – super matte and super shiney. When BarryM released their matte range a few weeks ago I was super excited… and kind of broke, so I had to settle for just one. I decided to get Expresso which is a lovely black – apologies for the slightly less than perfect application but this is a shot of my dominant hand (as I forgot to snap a shot before I did the other one). This polish does take two coats but dries matte quickly, be careful not to dent it as it takes a little while to fully dry/harden.

Camden3 Nails Inc Camden Lock is an insane polish. It’s a beautiful super sparkly indigo blue/purple flip polish with amazing glass shimmer that dries to a wonderful glossy and smooth finish. I used three thin coats although I could have stopped at two – I just wanted to see how much sparkle I could get onto my nails. Not happy with just an accent nails I got out the old dotting tool (yes, again) and added some spots of Camden Lock over my matte finished nails. The result was super fun as whilst in shade the colours had only a slight contrast once it hit the light… WOWZER. It’s like puddles in the dark… puddles of awesomeness. I need more polishes like Camden Lock. YUMMY.

It is all about the darks here at the moment – my untried stash has ballooned but it’s mixed in with my regular stash so it’s a really fun picknmix in my polish drawer at the moment. I can’t remember if I mentioned but due to the high volume of polish my room was getting a bit fumey so the collection was taken down from it’s book shelf and relocated into an old chest of drawers which I will eventually fill I am sure.



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