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Coral Me Happy

TheImpossibleI felt that after all the darks it was time to find some autumn brights. I was recently lucky enough to be gifted OPI The Impossible by my favourite polish fairy – this liquid sand received majorly mixed reviews when it first came out but I was excited as it was red, sparkly and had stars in. I remembered reading that it was pretty sheer so decided to go for a similar coloured base. Nails Inc Blandford Street is a bright pink leaning coral – my only complaint is that even with four coats I still had a small bald patch – so not one of Nails Incs best formulars but with a bit of patience and an extra coat or two, it does even out in the end.

I carefully dabbed on two coats of The Impossible as applying it in strokes caused a lot of the glitter to drag and also  made the application very very thick. It looks gorgeous when it first went on but as it dried down to it’s semi matte glisten it did look like a hot mess – I was a bit disappointed but as with most polish failures there is always something to be done to rescue the day. This came in the form of my beloved Color Club Topcoat -one thick layer smoothed the whole thing out and allowed all the wonderful glitter in this polish to really shine – there are pink flakies and stars and hexes… om nom nom.

The Impossible2 To make this manicure feel more complete I taped off a couple of stripes using our old friend Mr Striping tape and added some Barrym Foil Silver which is still my go to metallic for stamping – it is just the perfect polish. I love these colours together and the Color Club Topcoat added a beautiful glossy squishy-ness to the whole thing.  I think I would like to try other liquid sands in the future but at the moment I am re-embracing the gloss for sure.



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