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Dirty Dancing Collection


I was so excited about my December collection that I announced it almost as soon as I had my promo shots done. Coming up with an exciting collection for December was really important to me as December is my birthday month and it’s Christmas and well… I don’t know. I wanted something a bit different I suppose. I had no ideas for a long time until I posted about favourite songs on one of the nail groups I am in. To say favourite music is diverse would be an incredible understatement but when certain songs from a certain soundtrack came up – I knew what I had to do.

I was also going to release an Elvis collection but that just wasn’t working out so anyway. Here we go – my Dirty Dancing Collection! For the sake of legal – I am just a fan of the movie and music so have absolutely no copyrights to these things.

hungryeyesmacro Hungry Eyes – this polish was my biggest headache of the collection. I absolutely adore the song but had no idea how to translate it into polish form. Part of me really wanted to do gold and amber tones but I already have a polish like that in the form of Roar (which is autumn warmth in a bottle). I ended up going with the idea of innocence. I started with large winter white hexes – these are a really lovely soft white and then to keep this white as a dominant colour in the mix I added winter white squares (squares are really important in this collection). Finally for the hungry eyes I added these lovely gold toned small circle glitters. This polish is a bit camera shy but I think there’s something quite luxurious about it and it’ll look wonderful over lots of different colours from festive reds and greens into spring pastels and summer brights.


Time of My Life was a no brainer – I wanted something sparkly and channeling lovely 50s pastels. This is a mix of baby pink and baby blue squares in varying sizes, with baby blue hearts and white stars, not forgetting a sprinkling of rainbow dust. This polish is definitely related to My Girl which is one of the original glitter babies and also Wishing On A Star – but it is a different mix of colours and glitters so don’t worry about me duping myself. I wouldn’t do that to you! I do think this polish would also be a great present for baby showers and things like that – although make sure you seek the advice of your doctor before using any products! All of my polishes are 3 free – I am working on testing a 5 free base but with anything this will take 3 months to make sure there are no bugs in the formula.


Here is the brightest polish in the collection, possibly the brightest polish I have ever made. Lots of neon pink glitters in here of varying shapes and sizes including stars, with white hearts and small silver holo squares. Do You Love Me? is all about the girly chick flick fun factor. The pink in this mix will also glow under UV light – I will get a bulb at some point so I can show you how cool the glow is. As many of you know I am not really into super traditional girl colours – pink and purple but I have a soft spot for this polish. I love the scene in the film this comes from – Baby in her pastel cardie coming into a dark room filled with people ‘dirty dancing’. I guess I could have done a black sparkly polish but I think this really captures the fun and care free feel – it’s all about feeling young and partying while the grown ups aren’t looking. I think this polish would be fab for new years! Just saying…


She’s Like The Wind this is kind of the odd one out I suppose – this is a darker polish, I like to think of it as a sister to November Rain from this months collection. This contains dark blue, periwinkle, purple and silver metallic glitters with some grey matte hexes too. I love the shades in this polish and the way it catches the light. All of the glitters are the same size so it has a nice uniformity to it. I don’t know, it’s a rainy day polish. RIP Patrick.

This is so pretty as it catches the light and the colours flash. This glitter is really great in one coat – I am not sure if it could be built up to full opacity but I think in three coats you’d have nearly total coverage with a bit of dabbing and placement. She’s like the wind through my trees, she rides the night next to me… she leads me through moonlight only to burn me with the sun, she’s taken my heart but she doesn’t know what she’s done *hums*.


Last but not least Love ManAll of the songs on the soundtrack are so good this collection could easily have been double the size. I chose this one because one of my favourite scenes is the one where she carries the watermelon and then dances with Johnny for the first time. So in honor of that watermelon I have little black squares and some big pink ones, I added some white squares just to balance it out. I suppose Baby is nearly always represented by white in this collection so I suppose I could say it’s there to symbolise her… I really didn’t think that deeply though.

So many squares in this polish… I love it! This could look great as part of a pop art mani – all of the glitters in this are matte and I think the pinky red really pops next to the light and the dark of black and white.

So what do you think? I hope you found by waffle interesting. There are some very hasty swatches of these over on the PMP Facebook but I am hoping to get some proper ones for you soon!


6 comments on “Dirty Dancing Collection

  1. Laurie Lovett-Parsons
    November 20, 2013

    Beautiful Glitter Babies!!!! I couldn’t even tell you which is my favorite. They are named after such great songs, a clever theme. As usual I must have them all!!! Happy Upcoming Birthday!!!!!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      November 20, 2013

      Thanks lovely!! I am already parceling up this collection to send to Steph so that we have some stock across the pond 😀

  2. Setu Rohini
    November 21, 2013

    Ohh my, wish to have them all..

  3. LovingCosmetic
    November 21, 2013

    Preciosos, aunque sin duda me quedo con amor del hombre ^^

  4. Catherine Dream
    November 22, 2013

    I LOVE Time of My life!
    Looking forward to swatches!

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