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ciateloveletter3 On New Years Eve I went through my stash and sorted things into a database (rock and roll dreams, I know). As I was going through I found a few different polishes that I knew I would never use again or had never used and didn’t like.

I listed these polishes for swap/sale to see if they could find new homes for the new year. I am pleased to report that a few of them have and thought I would share a couple of polishes that I got in return.

This is Ciate Love Letter with an accent of Fly With Me from Color Club. Two very different polishes indeed.

ciateloveletterI have to say I was actually a little bit disappointed with Love Letter the application was thin and uneven and took three coats for full coverage which felt bumpy to say the list. It is a gorgeous pink to orange flip duo-chrome with pink glitter in but I dunno, it fell below expectation. I have a few different Ciate polishes and for the most part I have really enjoyed wearing them but I just didn’t LOVE this. Maybe next time I will try layering and see how that works with the colour and application –  I am thinking over black could be good.


Fly With Me is a completely different story. The application was wonderful, a little sheer on first coat but opaque on second. This colour also has a slight duo-chrome between limey green and a darker grassy green, very pretty and the glass flecks really catch the light. Now this isn’t a colour I would have gone for before being a nail blogger but right now I love it – I can’t imagine having just this colour on my nails but I think with nail art and accents – perfect.

The problem with Color Club (yes there is one) is that many of them come from TK MAXX which doesn’t seem to have names labelled on the bottles. Luckily some googling will find helpful swatches but it can be a bit irksome occasionally trying to find out what on earth it is you have on your nails. Ok moaning over. Fingers and Thumbs up for Fly With Me, whilst I wasn’t overly impressed with the Ciate I did like this combination and that both transformed in colour depending on angle and light. Overall good swap and I think I will be making the ciate work rather than trying to pass it on because I think that when I figure out how to make it look right, it will look amazing…. if how it looks in the bottle is a clue anyway.

Have you ever swapped? Would you? What do you think of these polishes? Let me know with a comment below!



6 comments on “Swapsies!

  1. Julie
    January 5, 2014

    Love Letter is gorgeous over opaque colors, if you want to avoid wearing so many layers and a good top coat evens out the textured feel quite a bit. I really love that one! I’ve done a few swaps since I began blogging and I’ve gotten some really amazing polishes that way 🙂

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      January 5, 2014

      Ooo thanks for the advice. Whats been your best swap?

      • Julie
        January 6, 2014

        So hard to choose! I think my favorite has been LIC Queen (An indie from Borough Babe polish. I also got a pretty LA Girl purple holo in that swap!

      • pocketmoneypolishes
        January 6, 2014

        ooooo holooo

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