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A Date With Giovanna

I swatched up her four sisters nice and quickly but warnings about this lady leaving her mark had me not in the mood for hurried application over speedily applied base. All of my experience with Zoya has been really good so far – the application and removals of the others were remarkable. I can’t wait to wear them and show them off more!


Giovanna from Zoya’s Fall 2013 Satin Collection. Since I had nothing else to post I decided not to just do a straight swatch but to add a bit of texture to this beautiful deep emerald green so I added some OPI Haven’t The Foggiest with some crumpled clingfilm. I am not going to lie my camera reads this a little bit more blue than it is so I have tinkered a tiny bit to try and get these pictures a bit more colour accurate.



You can see on the bottle there is a bit of a colour shift around the edges and rather than this being a duochrome effect it adds some shading and depth which is gorgeous. My ring finger was actually painted with a base of Foggiest but you can’t really tell from these pictures. I think Giovanna might make a stamping polish although it is not as opaque as Foggiest (hence the less sharp appearance of the texture on these nails). I will have a stamp and let you know. It took 2 coats for full coverage although I used three just to be safe from any unseen light patches. The finish on this polish is very similar to Channing so glowy and shimmery – no brush stroke issues at all though.


Staining. I doubled up on base and had no real problems except on the edge of my nails where the coverage was apparently not as good so there is a little bit of teal going on there. I would advise caution for definite with this polish. On the plus side removal did not in anyway give me green fingers and there was no skin staining when I was doing tidy up. I was careful not to flood or get too close to my edges just in case but despite the extra care needed, I really like this polish. I had something similar from Rimmel so there are dupes out there but the application on this is great and I think the quality is excellent and well worth the money. I purchased these polishes with my own money from TNBL where they start at £4.85 (before VAT). Would I pay the more average retail price of £9-10? Maybe not for this one but possibly some of the others from my haul.

What’s the most you have ever paid for a polish? Do you worry about dupes?


6 comments on “A Date With Giovanna

  1. La valise de louise
    January 5, 2014

    Love the way this looks!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      January 6, 2014

      Thank you! The effect was a bit clearer in real life. I think I stole the idea from another blog that did a stone effect with zoya polishes but I have no idea which blog >.< The clingfilm method is amazing though – so quick and easy with contrasting colours.

  2. Lisa N.
    January 6, 2014


  3. Laurie Lovett-Parsons
    January 6, 2014

    I have this polish. When I wore it, I used a nail hardener, base coat, 2 coats of polish, and top coat. No issues. I really like the color. I think trying it for stamping is a good idea-I am just learning though. I like your technique with the crinkled plastic wrap in a contrasting color, too.

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