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This is a word I use… A LOT. It is also the name of the first “grown up” perfume I had – I now wear a different perfume by SJP but there we go. Over the festive season I started thinking about spring and how really my stash was lacking many of the staple hues associated with this season – fresh brights and soft pastels. I started a hunt for the perfect pastel pink… which is tricky as someone who doesn’t love pink and struggles with pale colours against pale skin. Having looked at HUNDREDS of OPI, Zoya, Essie, Nails Inc etc swatches I knew I would want something a little bit dusty (I already have Steady as She Rose which is gorgeous but not pink enough) and I also wanted it to have a little bit of holo in it.

I am very lucky to have Kelly, creator of UK Indie Iconic Effect as a friend. Iconic Effect  is becoming well known for its holo top coats and beautiful gelly/glitter combos. I dropped Kelly a question about one of her current polishes Aurora which was a bit brighter than I wanted; she obliged me by lightening it up to the shade I wanted and thus my Iconic Effect custom Lovely was created. Kelly really does give fantastic service – making out of stock polishes when she can and ensuring her customers are 100% happy with the polishes they receive. 



Photos show 3 thin coats with Color Club TC. I did find I had to leave slightly more drying time between layers that I would for a creme polish but aside from that application was pretty easy. I was worried about this polish being sheer but we were pretty opaque after coat 2.



I love the subtley of the holo which adds depth and fizz without over powering or distracting from the colour of the polish which I think is a lovely dusty blue toned baby pink – perfect for spring. What do you think?

Please do check out what Kelly has in stock at her Etsy store and for all the latest news and updates there is UK Indie News and the Iconic Effect facebook page!


13 comments on “Lovely

  1. uknailrunner
    January 6, 2014

    That really is *lovely*! I’m a great fan of pink, I’ve got lots but that one looks super……….. I like the slightly cool, lilacy tone 🙂

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      January 6, 2014

      😀 I think it’s pretty special, I may be swaying towards buying some more pinks – any suggestions?

  2. Laurie Lovett-Parsons
    January 6, 2014

    I agree the color is “lovely”. I am partial to blue-toned pinks. Kelly’s etsy store and facebook page were awesome, too.
    Being from the US, I enjoy checking out UK indie polishes, too. Sometimes I feel bad though when I can’t get them. I enjoyed the blog post, too.

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      January 6, 2014

      We feel bad about how difficult it is to get the to the states too but the UK Post is so strict 😦 Glad you liked this though 😀

  3. Sarah G (@platform_nails)
    January 6, 2014

    This is such a nice colour! Very pretty x

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      January 6, 2014

      I have loved wearing this the holo is subtle that you don’t spot it unless you’re loving for it but then it’s a little bit of magic.

  4. Lisa N.
    January 6, 2014

    Pretty color!

  5. Cath
    January 6, 2014

    Oooooh lovely, indeed it is x

  6. katie
    January 6, 2014

    Ooo pretty! And a very unusual shade, works beautifully. I’ve been putting off ordering from iconic effect because I just kept looking at the list going ‘but I want them ALL’ lol….I finally stopped being indecisive and am very excited Hehe. Did I go off on a tangent?! Oops sorry. This polish is beautiful and your nails are insanely neat! Lol xx

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      January 6, 2014

      lol I have definitely gotten practiced at putting polish on since doing this blog – thank you!

      Which IE did you go for? x

      • katie
        January 6, 2014

        Practice makes perfect? Lol. Erm God question! Think I plumped for hades, longest night and maleficent dragon in the end. Xx

      • pocketmoneypolishes
        January 6, 2014

        oooooooo can’t wait to see.

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