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Spellbound Nails: Madness is Catching

SUPER SPECIAL polish today – another from my birthday presents. I was so so so lucky to receive five minis from Ashley of Spellbound Nails which you cannot currently get in the UK (although she’s trying to find an international stockist at the moment so if you like this or any of her polishes, get in touch with those stockists and demand it!). These are available in the US and Canada HERE. I am reliably informed that there is a wonderful collection coming out for valentines day – keep an eye on her facebook for more details! One other small point of disclosure: my cuticles have been airbrushed in these pictures because they’re really dried out at the moment and ugly and I didn’t want to distract you guys from the polish (which I haven’t edited) I will be writing a blog post about editing soon.

1544239_776459892382858_703304729_n 1533486_776459902382857_1963450147_n

Ok, so onto the polish. Choosing which one to try out first was SO HARD. I decided that I wanted something fun and bright as the weather has been the opposite for weeks now and I really want to start feeling like spring is close. Madness is Catching is a wonderful multi-coloured glitter topper in brights, mattes and metallic. Unlike a lot of multi-glitters there is a sense that this has been designed and thought through – it’s not just a scoop of every glitter, it makes me imagine the Madhatter running through the magical singing flower patch and scattering the petals like confetti – greens, pinks, purples, white, orange and red. I like the mix of hexes and circles and it spreads very evenly on the nail. I only used one coat over OPI Just Groovy (I have a comparison of OPI blues at the bottom of this post for anyone wondering about dupes).







Pictures are slightly gloomy today but I only had one of my lightbox lights plugged in and my camera battery was dying rapidly. This polish is fun and bright and I think everyone needs a bottle for spring. Just saying.




I am not a massive blue polish hoarder but these are three I have – as you can see none of them are dupes. Just Groovy is bluer and brighter than last years Can’t Find My Czechbook although both are very pretty colours, application is creamier on Czechbook. I have been told that Zoya Yummy is a dupe for Just Groovy and I am fairly sure (although I can’t find my bottle anywhere) that Barrym Cyan Blue is very similar. I completely forgot about Suzi Says Feng-shui and feel like I should have worn it more because it is such a gorgeous colour – dusty, tealy, power blue.


5 comments on “Spellbound Nails: Madness is Catching

  1. Lisa N.
    January 16, 2014

    Pretty colors!

  2. thinklovemakeup
    January 16, 2014

    I love the blues 🙂 Steph x

  3. Emma B
    January 16, 2014

    I am a blue hoarder, the OPI I thought this was is No Room for the Blues or Ogre the Top blue. I have lots of these blues and have had a blue comparison in mind for weeks, since I got Ogre the Top Blue on December. In mind is as far as it gets!

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