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A England: Bridal Veil



Looks like I have come over all holo-y this week. I only received this beauty yesterday but couldn’t wait to get it on my fingers; I purchased this from Nail Sale for £5 and it was worth every penny but it is still available new direct from A England. If you’re in the US it might be worth checking HERE as I have seen posts that A England are on sale at the moment. You can see a lot of the shimmer on the outside of the bottle but this polish is definitely black and not grey – for anyone wondering.

AenglandVeil4I could not capture the soft, scattered and smokey beauty of the holographic shimmer in this polish but TRUST ME it is gorgeous! I didn’t topcoat for these pictures and just look how lovely and glossy the finish is.



I used two coats although you could easily get away with one if you’re generous in your application. The formula was like butter, just so nice to work with and no stressful pooling or control issues that you can find with black polishes (which betray all of our mistakes). I love this black with a twist – what do you think?



3 comments on “A England: Bridal Veil

  1. Lisa N.
    January 28, 2014

    Nice shade!

  2. Enigmatic Rambles
    January 28, 2014

    I adore this polish 🙂

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