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Rainbow Series with Imagination In Colour: Red-y For Spring?

So this post has been a small disaster which is pretty much my fault for leaving it till the last minute despite planning to do this with Emma at the beginning of the week. Just to explain what is going on: once a week Emma (from Imagination In Colour) and I will be doing twin posts inspired by our series theme which to start with is the rainbow.

I had a five polish skittle all painted up for you but my camera decided that my many different reds should all look exactly the same. In a blind panic I have dived into my swatch archive and pulled out this beautiful polish which I recently bought from TNBL. It is somewhat relevant because I think it is a great transition red from the autumn pumpkins and the santa reds into spring and summer brights.

TamsenZoya’s Tamsen was actually bought almost purely for the name. My sister’s name is Tamsin and I think this is the closest I will ever come to finding something with her name on. When it first arrived I thought it might turn out to be a dupe for OPI First Date On the Golden Gate but this is at least two shades brighter. I’ve seen other blogs describe this as a brick red but to me this is tomato red.

It is a touch redder in real life than here but after the small nightmare I have already had this evening I haven’t quite had time to colour fix it. I am really sorry, honestly, one of those evenings. I have however had an amazing day – I actually spent it hanging out with Emma and another nail fanatic (also called Emma) having a great time talking polish and shopping.



This colour does transform under different lights – deepening and brightening which I think is perfect for changable spring weather. The application was really nice – buttery and perfect in two coats with a lovely super glossy finish. There is also something squishy about the finished look – it is probably this which allows for the trans-formative depth of colour. Right now under my power saving bulbs it is looking closer to a brick red but in sunlight or under bright lights it is much more tomato-y.

I have a lot of reds so it takes a lot for one to surprise me but I really liked this polish and it ISN’T a dupe for any I already own. Now due to pictures not being in my favour tonight I am just going to do a list of reds that I love and think you should all check out:

1) Zoya Tamsen, 2) Zoya Elke – pinky red with a fab golden shimmer which transforms the colour to corally/orangey red YUM, 3) Nails Inc St Jame’s – pretty classic blue tone red, 4) OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold Em (I know this has pink in the name but I think it is right on the divide between pink and red once you get it layered up to opaque), 5) Wocka Wocka this is the darkest of these recommendations with a berry red tone and shimmer.


9 comments on “Rainbow Series with Imagination In Colour: Red-y For Spring?

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  2. Lisa N.
    February 6, 2014

    Nice color!

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  4. Simply Into My NAILS
    February 15, 2014

    I love the orange gradient. Lovely juicy and luscious!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      February 15, 2014

      Thank you!!! 😀 I bought melon yesterday – it got me in the tropical mood.

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