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Rainbow Series with Imagination In Colour: You’ve been Tango’d!

Welcome back to our little rainbow series! Just to explain what is going on: once a week Emma (from Imagination In Colour) and I will be doing twin posts inspired by our series theme which to start with is the rainbow. Last week we covered reds, or tried to (seriously, I have had no luck lately) and this week we’re on orange which whilst being one of my favourite colours causes me all kinds of nightmares when it comes to nails.

Oranges, for me, always seem to have terrible formulas – I have as much trouble (if not more) with them as I do with yellow. I opened up my polish spreadsheet and was surprised by the number of orange polishes I do have – I thought I only had three… I have closer to ten HOWEVER most of them at pretty much unwearable unless I am feeling especially patient. I recently picked up Barrym Gelly in Papaya and Mango and when I applied them I was appalled – I was so used to gellys being easy to work with and these… I dunno, maybe it’s something to do with my body chemistry but I hated these. I had kind of been hoping to get the new OPI to try out for this week but my favourite shop only got them in yesterday. Looking at my spreadsheet I was reminded about my recent Fragrance Direct haul which included two orangey jellys! Huzzah.

OrangetwoInspired by the idea behind the upcoming OPI Sheer Tint collection (coloured topcoats that you can layer etc) I decided to play mix and match with Guy Meets Gal-veston and Y’all Come Back Ya Hear from the Texas collection (£3.99 on FD). I started with a base of Leighton Denny Pure White which is… ok… nothing very special in the white department, just to give me an opaque base. I didn’t have any makeup sponges so did a kind of wet gradient by applying the colours in strips and building up intensity at certain points, not the ideal way to do this but I think it worked out to the effect I wanted in the end. These jellys have a great glassy finish too – something almost candy like about them.

The accent nail is OPI Sparke De Triomphe from the french Serena Williams collection/duo which is a gorgeous champagne dense glitter which had a pretty smooth finish all by itself. It’s gorgeous and a dream to apply! I bought this second hand for just £4 – BARGAIN. This shows three thin coats although you could probably get away with two. This accent was part of another mani I had on and I liked it so much I decided to leave it on and just repaint my other fingers.


To bring the look together I cleared off most of the glitter from the brush and applied streaks down one side of my nail free hand. This probably gives you a clue about how dense the glitter in this polish is! The remarkable thing about Sparke De Triomphe is that for a dense glitter is has worn really well with no chips.

orangethreeI think this mani is very summer ready and it was nice to look down at such glowy sparkly nails when the wind and rain were swirling so evilly outside. Makes me think of fruit cocktails!

Next week we’re going to do peach/coral polishes because Emma asked really nicely… not sure what I will be wearing on my nubbins – have you got any suggestions??? Hope you’re all taking care of yourself and staying out of the weather!! If you love rainbow themed posts one of my favourite bloggers/vloggers MissHollyBerries has just restarted her colour series HERE.

8 comments on “Rainbow Series with Imagination In Colour: You’ve been Tango’d!

  1. Lisa N.
    February 14, 2014

    Nice! That orange goes well with that silver and gols glitter 🙂

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  3. Anne
    February 20, 2014

    Pretty color combo!

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