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Rainbow Series with Imagination In Colour: Coral Me Maybe

Just to explain what is going on: once a week Emma (from Imagination In Colour) and I will be doing twin posts inspired by our series theme which to start with is the rainbow.

Quick recap: we’ve covered red and orange, really this week we should be on yellow but we’ve decided to take a small detour to cover peaches and corals. At first I was in a tizzy for this post as I don’t really wear oranges/corals/peaches mainly cause I think a lot of the formulas suck and with such pale skin I think it makes me look a bit sickly.

Peach2When I went through my drawers I did find two polishes which are wonderful. First off and predominantly is W7 Sheer Peach. This polish was one of the first ones I got from a haul when I originally got into the nail polish thing so it’s kind of a good memory polish for me. The formula is still great, it does have that chemical not 3-free smell but I’m not really that bothered in this instance. It applies in three easy thin coats and self evens and levels very nicely. It’s only very slightly chalky but you only notice when you’re doing clean up. It has photographed a bit too yellow – it is a good light toned peach in real life.

The other thing (which I had forgotten about) is that the W7 brush is a lot like the OPI pro wide so that really helps me get nice even coverage without any major blunders. My cuticles are a little dry at the moment so if polish gets stuck on them it usually stays there.

peach On my accent nail I used three thin coats of OPI I Mainely Eat Lobster which is a stunning coral with shimmer which makes it glow (three thin coats used here). I don’t know why I haven’t really worn this one more. I think this colour is going to be pretty flattering on most skin tones as it doesn’t lean too orange or too pink. I love the brightness of this next to the lighter peach – I think the two balance each other for a lovely spring manicure to fight away the grey clouds. 

I think this colour would also be perfect for a pedi in the summer and awesome with a tan. I am fairly sure I was gifted this polish by a special polish fairy so THANK YOU!

To soften the colour a little bit more for spring I stamped some stripes using MoYou London Sailor 04 plate and W7 Sheer Peach. It’s not the perfect stamping polish but it works well enough and reminds me of sun and chlorine faded clothes at the end of the summer *sigh*. Right, where were we? Oh more pictures!



Next week will be yellow and I have the brand new OPI I Just Can’t Cope-cobana to share with you along with a couple of other really great sunshiney shades. What are your favourite polishes? Do you like brights, pastels or darks? Are you enjoying this series? Let me know with a comment below.


5 comments on “Rainbow Series with Imagination In Colour: Coral Me Maybe

  1. Lisa N.
    February 20, 2014

    Love your accent nail!

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