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OPI Collection


It has become a truth universally acknowledged that in addition to being a crazy rabbit lady, I am a crazy OPI lady. When I first started blogging I swore that all other bloggers obsessed with this brand were clearly wrong or being paid and ermm I was wrong. I love them, I can completely understand now why this is a brand literally all over the blogosphere. Good formulas, good brushes and accessibility make this my current go to brand to buy.

I got my first OPI in May 2013 and ermm now I have over 70. Most of these have been picked up second hand, some have been gifted to me, I’ve had two sent to be for review (one of the proudest moments of my blogging life) and some were bought at full retail. This isn’t actually quite my full collection, I have some minis, a few polishes out on loan and also five more on the way. Ooops. Oh and I didn’t include my NOPI either (I have three).

I have left all of these pictures big so feel free to click for a closer inspection/nosey!


So I sort of arranged by colour – I was going to arrange by collection but that didn’t happen. I started with the colours I had out on my stand which are spring lights and my new pinky browny shades and kind of went from there. On the end of the top row is my 1/3 left bottle of Stranger Tides and below is my backup bottle, this is the only back up I have in my entire collection. I think this polish is a must have and guess what, it’s currently on sale on TNBL! It is from the limited edition Pirates of the Caribbean collection which was full of dusty pastels and just loveliness (I now have almost all of them after lots of searching!).

Really obsessed with naturals and neutrals and nudes and lights at the moment, not really pastels in the baby colours sense though, they’re still a bit twee and girly for me…. I know… I can hear you all sighing 😛

The first two OPIs I ever got are in the second row: I Vant To Be A Lone Star and I Don’t Give A Rotterdam which are lovely grey/blues that I chose from Fragrance Direct for my first order from there too.

Next row is my navy blues, saturated blues, indigos and the start of purples purples. This is a collection that has really been growing and I think OPI is great for coming up with chic blue shades and they were features of both the spring/summer and fall/winter collections last year.


RED. I was utterly obsessed for months with collecting reds and then weirdly when the Mariah Carey Collection came out (and there were loads of new reds) I started to get distracted with other things…. I know NPA problems. I will probably be DISO (desperately in search of) by the middle of the summer when I want these colours ready for autumn/fall season.

Purples in my collection are mainly for the enjoyment of Mummy Smith although more and more have been making their way onto my nails recently. I bought Purple With a Purpose which I think is just part of their brights/classic collection from a trade retailer a couple of weeks ago and it’s really nice smokey royal purple but my camera refused to even think about photographing it so it might not ever make it onto the blog but seriously gorgeous colour and very unusual for me!

The pinks really are hot of the press new in my collection – for the longest time the only pink I had was La Paz-itiviely Hot which is a lovely pink (and a Mummy Smith favourite) but not something I wore very often at all. I kind of think getting my hands on Teenage Dreams was my gateway to pink – it is the perfect pink sparkle, sorry everyone who now will be on the hunt for this HTF. Really excited to test out the new Kiss Me I’m Brazilian, I bought Elephantastic Pink for comparison and they’re not dupes at all but I’ll blog the proof for you soon. The hunt for the perfect pink is on, I think it’s my current polish mission.

I could spend hours talking about all the polishes in my collection but just trying to choose personal highlights….

OPIcollection4 Final portion of the collection and where my colour system broke down a bit…

I was shocked that I didn’t actually have more golds than this although I do have L.A.M.B. on its way so that will be another one to add to the collection! I think it’s going to be a good alternative to Goldeneye for a spring/summer gold that is not to heavy although I love Goldeneye and generally where whatever I am feeling on my nails seasonal appropriate or not.

The two lone greens at the bottom of this picture and I LOVE them both – Jade is the New Black and Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow very different but both make me feel sophisticated and a bit luxxe.

The James Bond Magnetic is a special polish to me – I really like it on and also they’ve been so hard to come by to complete the collection (there are two more). Unless I am willing to pay around £15 each, it’s probably not going to happen and to be honest there are high street dupes for these polishes. I have no idea why the magnetic thing came and went so quickly, I personally think it’s a great way to get funky nails without too much hassle.

Don’t forget to check out the Rainbow Series post this week it is yellow and I do have that new one from the Brazil collection on there which is all sunshiney in the middle of this picture and probably should have gone somewhere with the oranges and golds…

I have just over 70 OPIs in my life at the moment and I honestly do wear them all, I think only 12 are currently untrieds… won’t take me too long though. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, demand names and sources… I will do my best! I honestly think I like all of the polishes in this collection – the blue shatter is great fun over bright contrasts in the summer, there are interview appropriate colours here, duochromes, textures,  glitters, jellies… I am trying desperately to think if any of the formulas have mega problems…. a couple of the lights are a bit fussy but nothing unworkable… All of the brushes are prowide and amazing. I don’t have any of the DS series, I kind of think of them as a separate beast to normal OPI and they’re a lot more expensive – I leave them to the OPI collector pros out there.

My OPI wishlist is still long and I do have a few collections where I have to catch them all but for the most I do just pick things I will wear – so I am half collector and half buy to wear. For anyone interested in OPI my advice is to shop around – you should NEVER really need to pay full retail for one as there are bargain sites and sales EVERYWHERE. Do be weary on ebay as there are fakes out there and spotting them can be an absolute nightmare!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post. IF you search OPI on my blog you should get a list of all the blog posts I have written about my stash and get to see quite a few of these in action.

14 comments on “OPI Collection

  1. Lisa N.
    February 26, 2014

    Wow great collection of OPI!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      February 26, 2014

      Thank you! Been working hard on it 😀 (by working hard I mean spending waaay more than I should)

  2. Colleen
    February 26, 2014

    What a colorful array of OPI’s!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      February 26, 2014

      I was surprised by the range of colours I had – easy to forget when they’re all in a drawer 😀

  3. Emma
    February 26, 2014

    *demands all the names* teehee!

    (kidding 😉 )

  4. Cazzy Durcan
    February 26, 2014

    Dammit. I am now compelled to count my own OPIs!

  5. Mina
    February 26, 2014

    Oh the crazyness! What a lovely collection! 😉
    I do love OPI – too bad my bank account doesn’t feel the same way. I think I own only three, being one a white polish which is very much over and done it, ’cause I wore it so much :))

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      February 26, 2014

      Heheh you do use a lot of white polish 😀 I bet your stash of polishes is BEAUTIFUL though 😀

  6. Catherine Dream
    March 21, 2014

    So. Much. Bottle. Porn.

    I adore this post.

    No, seriously.

    Also, I totally agree about the luxxe feeling with Aragon!

    Such an enjoyable post!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      March 21, 2014

      Thank you lovely! I might have to redo this post soon… I seem to have accumulated more… many more :-/ MY BAD 😉

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