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OPI: MLB Fashion Plate Collection Swatches

I have ALOT to share with you today including some nice big picture collages which I hope you’re going to like and I hope display correctly. In addition to swatch and review, I do have comparisons for the polishes with things I have in my stash. I only have four out of the seven polishes to show you today from the Major League Baseball Fashion Plate Collection, there are two blues and one red not swatched here but anyway, hope you enjoy this post! I bought all of these polishes myself and I bought them before there were any swatches on the internets and all are shown with topcoat. OPI Orange You Going To The Game?Orange You Going To The Game? is a soft and slightly frosty orange metallic with some peachy undertones. I had some serious problems getting this to photograph colour accurate but THIS is colour accurate to my eyes, on my screen. This tone is lovely and bright without being too harsh and I really enjoyed wearing it – weirdly despite being into autumnal colours I really don’t wear that much orange because sometimes I find they clash a little bit with the yellow undertones in my skin and make me look a bit ill. There was a kind of candy-ness to it and the brushstrokes were kind of part of the look – like the marbeling you get with boiled sweets. The formula on this is slightly sheer but builds up in 2-3 coats – be aware that the brush on this does tend to overload a little so just make sure you wipe some off before you apply. Dry time is average and I had no problems with dragging. You could MAYBE stamp with this over white but I think the formula would be too sheer – let me know if you’d like me to test this, I didn’t have time this week. This is not a polish I think I would have bought had I seen swatches before hand BUT having had it on my fingers, I really fell in love with it and it’s not like anything I have in my collection. Never the less, here is a quick comparison for you: OrangeComparisonSo there we are, completely different from all the other oranges I could dig out. I think this colour would be great as a pedi with a tan or as part of a candy coloured mani. OPI Love Athletes in Cleats   Love Athletes in Cleats is a candy apple red with silver shimmer. This dries down to a slightly flat finish but is lifted back up with topcoat and here is the best news – it is a one coater! I did use two for these pictures but it didn’t really make that much of a difference. The formula leans to the thicker end of the scale for OPI but was a doddle to work with and gave really lovely even coverage. The top row of pictures show it in direct light which really brings out the fizzy sparkle and the bottom row is regular diffused lightbox lighting and I think is a better show of the reds colour. I have mixed feelings about this polish – I really like it, and it is a really good one coater BUT I may have somewhat duped myself here:


As you can see The Spy Who Loved Me is a very different red – it is slightly more jelly which means it needs more coats for opacity (although the shimmer looks much more glass fleck). Nidhi (sorry about the typo on the pic) and Love Athletes in Cleats are VERY similar although Nidhi does seem to have some additional micro flakies in it which add some gold tones to its sparkle. I had a really hard time photographing the difference and to be honest, you possibly don’t need both… really… unless you’re a Zoya and OPI collector.

OPI Girls Love Diamonds

Girls Love Diamonds is a sheer white shimmer polish which sparkles with multi coloured tones – kind of like snow. I layered it in the pictures over one thin coat of Sally Hansen Ion under two coats of Girls Love Diamonds just to up the opacity a little as this is a sheer polish and I found it takes 4-5 thin coats to be completely opaque on its own. I think this kind of adds some flexibility to the polish as you could layer it over colours for additional effects but if you’re a one coat kind of gal, this probably isn’t the polish for you. I think it is stunning and I had a lot of compliments on it when I wore it, absolutely stunning in the sun,  I could not stop looking at my nails. I think if you only go for one polish from this collection then pick this one as it’s going to be great all year round. Formula wise it is a little thinner so again just becareful not to overload the brush, it is a shimmer so any flooding is a little bit of a headache to completely tidy up but it’s worth it cause this is so stinking pretty. This does not have the golden sheen of Ski Slope Sweetie from the Christmas collection – I don’t have that polish to do a direct comparison for you though sorry. Here was the comparison with the only other polish I have in my collection that was even remotely similar:


This is four thin coats of Girls Love Diamonds (no under colour) vs Barrym Lady which is actually a textured polish that I have topcoated (two coats) – they’re kind of completely different polishes but it was the closet thing I had and I didn’t want to let you all down by having nothing to compare it to.

OPI 7th inning Strrretch

OPI 7th Inning Strrretch a steely dark denim blue – this polish really wow’d me on the nail. Like Love Athletes In Cleats this could be a one coater and leans towards the thicker OPI formula. Really easy and smooth to apply and slightly metallic looking. There are brushstrokes again but less visible than with Orange You Going To The Game? and barely there to the naked eye. I think this polish is actually my surprise favourite from the four I’ve chosen although I am not really sure I think of it as a spring colour I can imagine it as an accent next to brighter colours – maybe in a stripe design? I think this polish has stamping potential but I didn’t get change to test it – let me know if you’re curious! I thought that maybe I would have something close to this in my stash as I like denim family blues but in my dupe test it became very apparent that I did not:


As you can see – nothing really very similar at all. Incognito… looks black here next to the others but I promise it’s a dark inky blue. Barrym Denim is actually a matte finish and the shimmer is much more scattered and Essie Snake It Up is actually a magnetic polish which is more of blue shimmer in a very dark base. So even getting inventive with my polish stash, it’s not the same. I do have a bottle of OPI Into The Night on its way but I think that will be different again (I will try and remember to check!).

And that is me all done! I really hope you enjoyed the post – let me know what you think of the polishes, the comparisons. What do you think of the swatch collages? I really wanted to cram lots of pictures into this post without cluttering it up so thought I would give this ago. I know a lot of people thought they would pass on this collection as it is a lot of blues and reds but I do think there are some really lovely polishes here and I am so pleased with my purchases and no buyers regret at all – which is very unlike me when I buy things blind (or based on just PR descriptions). My nails are now in need of a pamper after all that remover and swatching but I think it was worth it, hope you’re all having a great week!!!

14 comments on “OPI: MLB Fashion Plate Collection Swatches

  1. This is such a lovely collection. I want 7th inning stretch and love athelets in cleats

  2. Lisa N.
    April 1, 2014

    Great swatches and comparison! Helpful to see.

  3. Lou
    April 1, 2014

    I really like the swatch collages, I had having to scroll for ages (personal preference) and I also love the comparisons too, always helps ground a colour 🙂

  4. bettysbeautybombs
    April 1, 2014

    Thanks for the pretty and thorough swatches!

    • pocketmoneypolishes
      April 1, 2014

      No problem! I hope they were helpful – been working really hard this week 🙂

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